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The Record Vault – Blind Guardian

I couldn’t recall how a track sounded from the “Battalions Of Fear” album when I pulled this off the shelf.

I have some of their later albums dubbed on cassette which are a lot better.

My cousin Mega is into them, and I dubbed like a best off from him. So when I saw this album in one of my many ventures to second hand record shops and record fairs, I purchased it.

Calling it up on Spotify, and pressing play on the first track “Majesty”, I remembered my thoughts about the drumming. It’s so frantic and fast and thinking back now, I don’t know if in 1984 there was a drummer on a record who played this fast. And the double kick drum just doesn’t stop.

Overall, the album is fast, raw and unrefined speed metal whereas the later albums would have different dynamics to go with their Tolkien inspired lyrics and are a lot better.


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