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YouTube Manual Claims

If it’s not Spotify, it’s YouTube.

If it’s not YouTube, it’s Pandora.

If it’s not Pandora, it’s streaming.

If it’s not streaming, it’s free streaming.

If it’s not free streaming, it’s stream ripping.

If it’s not stream ripping it’s torrents.

There is always something or someone which is in the sights of the record labels and their association, the RIAA.

YouTube was criticized for not doing enough to control unlicensed uploads of movies and music. YouTube then provided the entertainment industries with ContentId, a way to claim videos as theirs that other people have uploaded. And by doing so, they could claim any monies paid on the video.

But with any automated system, it’s open to abuse and the labels did a great job abusing it. Legitimate content that had a few seconds of music (which is fair use) to illustrate their story or point in the video got taken down or claimed.

A birthday party video which parents shared that had music in the background got taken down or claimed.

And the uploader had no real rights to fight back. So the labels kept on abusing this process. They even took down their own legal content on occasions.

But after years of complaints, YouTube is finally doing something about it. Or is it.

The story of YouTube changing its policies has been getting publicity as YouTube being this evil monolith against creators but their changes only relate to the manual claims tool available to Copyright Owners. Most big artists are part of major labels and they use ContentID.

And the problematic and automatic ContentID is still the same and still open to the same abuse.

However YouTube has seen a new greedy trend emerge in manually claiming videos. These people claim a small snippet of a video uploaded to YouTube and by default transfer all monies from the YouTube video creator to the Copyright Claimant.

By changing the rules, YouTube is not stopping people from claiming these videos but they are asking for evidence and timestamps which somehow is pissing off the claimants.

And the claimants can still block the video.

To me, it’s much ado about nothing, it’s still the same old world and nothing much has changed. But it still doesn’t stop artists from Tweeting how YouTube is ripping artists off.


5 thoughts on “YouTube Manual Claims

  1. I and Tbone were talking about youtube the other day out at his camp!
    We had a good howl that if Youtube was around in when we were in high school we would have never gotten off to school as we would have lazed around by​ watching Halen live videos etc.

    Perhaps looking back maybe it was for the better that we didn’t have it back than. haha.

    • I agree. I need to get my kids off YouTube to go to school. It’s the first thing they do every morning. Call up YouTube, find some video and they watch it while they eat breakfast and get ready.

      • Ha if this was 35 years ago I would have been cruising Youtube and watching Metal videos.
        The difference Pete is we didn’t have Youtube but I would be flipping through Hit Parader/Creem/Circus mags or Kerrang if I could score a copy of it on import!
        Kinda the same kinda not haha

      • Yeah that’s 100 percent true. I used to swing by the newsagent the first Thursday of each month for the US mags on my way to school.
        It was my textbook much to the anger of the teachers

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