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It’s Here and Then It’s Gone

My son wanted to play “Domino” from The Night Flight Orchestra. It is on their “Amber Galactic” album released a few years back.

He went to Spotify search, typed in the band name, when into their account, clicked on discography and couldn’t find the album. He went to his saved playlist of TNFO on his Spotify account and the album wasn’t there anymore. For reasons only known to the band and their label, the “Amber Galactic” album is not on Spotify Australia for Premium Subscribers to enjoy. It was here and then it was gone.

Even though I have purchased the CD, it’s basically remained in its plastic wrapping, and it’s a purchase made because I am a collector of bands I like, not because I want to play the CD and look at the artwork and lyrics. Hell, I don’t even know what the booklet looks like inside.

And the decision by artists to remove their music from Spotify or any other streaming service is wrong. It’s even more wrong when one streaming service has it and another doesn’t. What is even more wrong then all of the above, is that YouTube has the full album, and it pays less and torrent sites have it available for download in mp3 and FLAC, and they pay nothing.

But Spotify started in Sweden, by a Swede and here we have a Swedish band pulling their product from it. Even though the streaming company has turned the recording business around, they still are the punching bag for many.

And the loser here is the fan, who does the right thing, takes up the legal alternative, only to feel short changed or as my son said, ripped off.

Remember if the artist has no fans to connect with, they have nothing and the label has nothing.


4 thoughts on “It’s Here and Then It’s Gone

      • Henrik says:

        Some perks of being an EU citizen

        Ah, I remember the days when LPs were distributed regionally. Usually FIN was the last country to get the latest releases (okay, we are between Sweden and Soviet Union and the latter did not get anything but that’s another story). My mom was in a conference in Stockholm and brought me Ozzy’s Ultimate Sin. I was king of the hill for 1-2 weeks until it was released in Finland. Thanks mom!

        Another mental image, we were listening the album at a party when somebody came and told Olof Palme was killed (prime minister of Sweden). Literally a shot in the dark. Still unresolved.

      • Should I be laughing at the shot of the dark reference. Isn’t funny how we associate things.
        In relation to geo restrictions, these rules are based on old shopping business models when companies had to package and ship a physical product. With the advent of the internet, and our access society, one would think these restrictions don’t apply. Then again I guess not.
        Thanks for sharing.

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