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The Album Vaults – Aerosmith

This is a new little blog series in which I showcase my album collection.

And if you are going to start with A, then Aerosmith is a perfect band to kick it off.

It started with “Walk This Way”. Their version with Run DMC was all over MTV. Then “Permanent Vacation” dropped. And I can’t find my LP. In the six house moves, I’ve lost a few boxes and unfortunately “Permanent Vacation” is a victim.
I purchased the single to “Love In The Elevator” first and really dug the B side “Young Lust”. And that clip was everywhere. The scorched earth marketing policy Geffen employed was working. I didn’t buy it straight away, but “Pump” had the distinction of being my first Aerosmith album purchase.

And “Pump” is a solid album from start to finish.
Even in that late 80’s period of mega sales, Aerosmith still had their sound rooted in the blues. It’s why they kept their existing fan base and they just added enough catchiness to grab new fans along the way.

I got “Get A Grip” as soon as I could get it and for the amount of songs on it, I was disappointed with it as an album, but it did give me “Eat The Rich” (love the verse riff), “Get A Grip” , “Livin On The Edge” and “Crying”.

At this point in time, I needed to get my hands on some of their earlier 70’s releases. But I started with “Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits” as it was an obvious choice to peruse their back catalogue.

“Draw The Line” was next with the mighty “Kings And Queens”. On the “Greatest Hits” collection the song was edited down to 3.48 from its original 4.55 running time. But hearing it in it’s full glory is excellent. I swear Dave Meniketti built his career on this song.

“Toys In The Attic” came next, followed by the excellent “Rocks” and the unbelievable riffy “Nobody’s Fault”.

“Get Your Wings” and “Night In The Ruts” proved disappointing however back in the present, I was surprised at “Nine Lives” and the risk they took to bring exotic melodies into their music, like “Taste Of India”, which is an excellent song.

“Just Push Play” proved disappointing and another greatest hits package called “Oh Yeah” rounded out my Aerosmith purchases.
Through streaming I’ve heard the other albums that I don’t have, but don’t feel a real need to go out and get em as I’m quite happy having access to em.

Here is the playlist.

Happy to hear about other people’s favorites.


14 thoughts on “The Album Vaults – Aerosmith

  1. Awesome Stuff Dude!
    I just received Rocks and Live Bootleg on vinyl last week!
    Agreed Pump is solid from start to finish and I like how they ended that album with the ballad as they did on Rocks and Toys back in the 70’s..
    Three albums that are underrated in my book of Aero would be Rock In a Hard Place/Nine Lives and the brilliant garage sloppy sounding Done With Mirrors!
    I’m with you on Get a Grip man..they could have skimmed some flat off that record and made a killer album. When I caught them live back in 93 the first three tracks they played were Eat The Rich/Get a Grip/Fever and than zipped into Toys in the Attic(song) Brilliant…

  2. Thanks for the reminder Deke on “Done With Mirrors”. It just keeps getting missed because it’s in that “rehab period” that started with “Night In The Ruts”.
    I agree with ya on “Nine Lives” and I need to recheck “Rock In A Hard Place”.

  3. Henrik says:

    Permanent Vacation was my introduction to Aerosmith. Not that it’s their best album but it was released at the time MTV ruled and influenced kids around the world. And Aerosmith had handful of hits to be promoted by MTV. Especially Dude Looks Like a Lady and Rag Doll were killer tunes.

    A few years later me and mates saw them supporting Whitesnake at Monsters of Rock 1990. Damn, did they stole the show in front of DC & Co. Jimmy Page joined them to play Train Kept A Rollin and Walk This Way. I’m huge fan of Whitesnake but could not but agree that Aerosmith were on top of their game. Whitesnake was a huge disappointment that night. Actually, it was not the ‘Snake I had been into.

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