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Take A Walk On The Stream Side

You can buy an album and never listen to it, however if you do listen to the purchased album, the artist has no idea how many times you played it.

Streams means you listened, and it tells the artist which song/s you listened to, even if it was in the background. It tells the artists from which area you are from. It arms the artist with tools to plan their tours.

And it’s rare that you will stream the whole album. You probably will only stream the songs which are your “hits” or if the album crosses over, maybe the actual hits.

And in the same way you cherry-picked your favourites and made that awesome mix tape, or CD once upon a time, you do the same in the digital era with a playlist.

And if artists want fans to buy albums, where do they expect the majority to play them?

Most computers don’t even come with a CD drive and most new cars also don’t have a CD drive either. As for those super expensive stereo systems from the 80’s, are now marketed to audiophiles.

And for iTunes files, its an overpriced offering compared to what is available. I stream and still buy some albums on CD throughout the year. It’s because I can’t stop buying. But the new generation is all about on demand and streaming. It’s a different market and artists need to adjust.

And if artists are waiting on just sales to get traction, they are operating in the old world. Without big streaming numbers, acts get no traction in the mainstream, but acts can have a career on the outer edges, satisfying their core, niche market.

Every artist should be getting their fans to stream. But we still get the voices against streaming services and how these services pay poorly. If that’s the case, you need to renegotiate your terms with the corporations which hold your Copyright.

But streaming shows your fans. If anybody is streaming your music a lot, they’re a fan, and they’ll pay to see you live and they will buy VIP tickets and merchandise and any special edition of an album you put out. Don’t you want to know that information?

And the chart that matters is one of listens. But artists still want sales and that number 1 Billboard spot (for bragging rights) and they package their album with tickets. Metallica did it with “Hardwired” and Jovi did it with their last two albums.

But seriously, is selling an album with tickets reflective of the albums success?

Of course not, it’s typical record label creative accounting. It might matter to the artist, but fans don’t give a shit. And remember, for an artist to have a career, it’s a relationship between fan and artist.


7 thoughts on “Take A Walk On The Stream Side

    • Thanks for commenting.

      IMO, the artists who make their own deals with streaming are the ones who own their copyright. Metallica are not complaining as they get the full pmt (record label, publishing and band royalty). Motley Crue is the same, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and so on. Even AC/DC who hated digital services held off until they got an offer that was too good.

  1. Henrik says:

    Never understood business logic of music downloads, especially when it comes to whole albums. The price is similar to CD version, yet the actual cost is significantly smaller. No manufacturing, logistics, wholesale, retail and other related costs.

    I would consider downloading, say new Evergrey album, assuming the price for MP3/AAC is around 3-4 USD. Given the price I will continue streaming and buying only exceptionally good albums on CD format. Recently: Roger Waters, Metallica MoP and Ride the Lightning (remastered).

    • I’m with ya on the mp3 downloads. Never understood and if I really wanted to hear it before Spotify, there was always a YouTube user who put it up.

      The two new Evergrey tracks have me pumped for The Atlantic.

      I’ve just picked up the last two Night Flight Orchestra albums so I can say I have all four in my collection.

      • Henrik says:

        I had a chance to listen a promo copy of The Atlantic. Fantastic stuff. I don’t understand why my colleague gave it 6.5 out of 10. I mean, even though you don’t like the music, the effort the band put into production, arrangements and musicianship warrant for better rating. Besides, the music is top notch.

        Cannot wait to hear the album on CD format.

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