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My $80 Score

My last Record Fair review can be found here. It was five years ago and at that time my record music fair score cost me $85.

This one was at Hurstville while the one I went to in 2014 was at Parramatta.

This time I went for Vinyl and came back with a shit load of CD’s instead. Because I was pissed off at how the sellers exploited the metal and hard rock fans when it came to vinyl prices.

Any record from any artist that could be classed in this genre was listed as $30 and above. Seriously these are second hand records. Some of them are in mint condition and others are not so good. But they are second hand. Even bands which could be considered obscure had a large price tag attached to their LP’s. Bands like Shotgun Messiah, Abbatoir, Boss and Tangier are four that come to mind.

And any Maiden, Kiss, Metallica or any band still doing the rounds was $50 plus. If it was a picture vinyl it was $70 plus. If it was a double album, $100 plus and on and on and on it goes. This same exploitation was there five years ago.

One of the sellers had the 7 inch single of “Chainsaw Charlie” from WASP. It didn’t have a price on it and all of the other 7 inch singles in the box were $5 or less.

I asked the seller for a price and he asks me if I’m interested in it. I say I am, depending on the price. He replies back with $50. I reply back, that’s way too much. And he goes to me, how much am I willing to pay for it and I hold up the 7 inch single for Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” which is $5 and go, that much. He replied, “no chance” and that was that.

I think these sellers forget why people go to record fairs. It’s to find music at prices way below retail.

Anyway, here is the list of the of CD score.

AFI – December Underground (I have a burnt copy of this on CD).

Cold Chisel – East (I already own this on LP).

The Black Crowes – Three Snakes and One Charm (I have a burnt copy of this on CD).

The Goo Goo Dolls – Gutterflower (I do not own this on any format).

Powderfinger – Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (I do not own this on any format because Powderfinger is my radio band. In other words, since their singles are constantly on rotation on Australian radio, I never felt the need to buy or listen to the albums. But for $2.50 each, it was a no brainer).

Powderfinger – Vulture Street (same as per the above. Actually I own just one album from Powderfinger and that is “Internationalist” album with the excellent “Passenger” song).

Metallica – Hardwired… To Self- Destruct (I have listened to it on Spotify since it came out and when I saw it for $5 at the Record Fair, it was a no-brainer).

Bruce Springsteen – Chapter and Verse (I do not own this in any format and since I downloaded the book to read, again for $5, it was a no brainer).

Manowar – Fighting The World (I already own this on LP. ).

Aerosmith – Pandora’s Box (I always wanted to have this box set package since I saw it advertised at the start of the 90’s.)

Dead Letter Circus – This Is The Warning (A Spotify band for me, and now I have their music on CD).

Dead Letter Circus – The Catalyst Fire (As per the above).

Trivium – The Crusade (I actually purchased this 5 years ago at the last music fair I went to and I purchased it again at this one because I forgot I purchased it. I also had this on mp3 previously).

The Tea Party – Edges Of Twilight (I had this on CD before and I re-purchased it again at this music fair because I thought I didn’t have it).

Genesis – We Can’t Dance (I do not own this on any format).

Hole – Celebrity Skin (Another radio band and even though I know I can listen to the songs on Spotify, for $2.50, it was a why not).

The Butterfly Effect – Imago (I forgot that I already own this on CD, so now I have two copies).

Dead By Sunrise – Out Of Ashes (I had an mp3 download of this album).

Hellyeah – Hellyeah (I had an mp3 download of this album).

Hellyeah – Band Of Brothers (Like Metallica, I listen to this album on Spotify).

Sevendust – Alpha (I had an mp3 download of this album).

Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want (I do not own this on any format).

Faith No More –  Album Of The Year (I do not own this on any format).

Faith No More – Angel Dust (I have a burnt copy of this on CD).

White Stripes – Elephant (I do not own this on any format).

Rush – Working Men – DVD

Rush – Snakes and Arrows Live – DVD


13 thoughts on “My $80 Score

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Its a tricky one, the price of vinyl is criminal, I have stopped looking
    I shifted on the weekend and have two massive tubs of CD’s that don’t see the light of day, have Apple music but its not the same, living in this world that physical items are dying and being replaced by items living in a cloud. In saying that I miss having a CD stuck in your car for two months because its amazing, too much choice leads to too much distraction, clearly I am torn

  2. Great Scores! Nice to see the Tea Party there along with Rush!
    Pandoras Box is a great mix match of Aerostuff!
    Thanks for posting your finding!

    • I was in a rut guitar wise in the 90s and my cousin said to check out Rush as Alex Lifeson does some unique stuff on the guitar around riffs and chord voicings. And like that my love of Rush started and my rut got blasted.
      I had the Rock In Rio DVD so I wanted to build up my live collection of Rush.
      For Tea Party what can I say I have a soft spot for their exotic rock

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