St Petersburg

It’s all about Peter the Great. Basically most of the work that St Petersburg is known for happened during his reign.

He was 6ft 8.

Imagine that height 300 years ago. He was like a god. He took Estonia from Sweden because he visited Estonia as a child and loved it, so he went to war as leader to take it. He also took St. Petersburg from Sweden in a 21 year old war known as “The Great Northern War”.

The city is on 42 islands and it’s based on Peter’s favorite city, Amsterdam.

The name was changed to Leningrad after Lenin died in 1924. During the Gorbachev era, the Communist Government asked people if they want the name to revert back to St Petersburg, thinking the people would say NO, but the people said YES. But the Government did nothing until the USSR dissolved and it reverted back to its original name.

We stopped off at this little Art Gallery and Souvenir shop with free coffee, free vodka and free toilets. I was in heaven.

Peter and Paul Cathedral has the graves of the royal family. Czar Nicholas II family was taken out to some woods and shot during the Bolsheviks Revolution. About 20 years ago, the bodies were found and then transported back to this Cathedral.

Church of The Spilled Blood was built over a side walk where a Tsar was assassinated.

Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace was just too much gold. Extravagant and impressive.

We did an underground Metro ride and those stations are wow. Everything is impressive and showcases the riches.

Peterhof means Peter’s Court, his summer residence by the water and it was based on Versailles, a place he visited as a child that he wanted to replicate in St Petersburg. It’s impressive as well, totally rebuilt after the Nazis destroyed it in WW2.

Catherine’s Palace was built for Peter The Great’s wife.

Everything revolves around Czar Peter The Great.


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