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More St Petersburg

It used to get flooded a lot and from 1980 after they built the dam wall, it hasn’t happened.

The dam wall was the reason why we couldn’t dock as scheduled. The city had rain for a few days, some high tides and if the dam wall wasn’t there, hello flood.

While rockstars rock the world, engineers change it. Sometimes Mother Nature wins.

St Petersburg while lovely is all about power and glory. Showing off is a phrase I would use. Seriously, what is the point of all those Palace’s and Castles and Gardens. And their are so many monuments celebrating war victories.

The Russians don’t speak about politics in the open for fear of being put in prison. And they are still cautious when it comes to outsiders.

The news channel is controlled by the Government and only approved content could be shown. They are also passing laws to control and restrict the internet. This is what a dictatorship government does. And these same laws that Putin is putting in, is what the Copyright Industry’s want in the UK, Euro, US and Australia. And we have stupid politicians on the take agreeing to introduce bad laws.

Piracy is rampant. The few “shops” I saw had pirated movies and music. But I haven’t heard of the Copyright Industry attacking Russia for it.

During the USSR, all houses and apartments were owned by the State. After the fall, private ownership was allowed. Imagine that. The people who owned houses in 1918, suddenly didn’t own them after the Bolshevik Revolution. It was all owned by the state.

Sort of like the music we purchased. We believed we owned it. But the labels lobbied hard to change the laws to state that our purchase was for a limited license to play the music in our own home only.


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