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Should countries put their history behind paywalls?

I saw it a lot in Barcelona in 2016. Every tourist attraction was available at stupid highly inflated prices. I’m seeing it in Berlin. Australia is no different.

I viewed a Berlin Wall panorama for 27 Euro for the whole family. To take a picture at Checkpoint Charlie, it cost us 6 Euros.

Brandenburg Gate was free. It’s massive but under repairs with a massive scaffold behind it. It’s a common European problem, where all the old stuff needs to be repaired and fixed. Another European problem is trying to find a toilet close to popular sites for my six year old to shit. These little detours take you way of course.

I also promised my six year old, we will view the LEGO Exhibition. We finally got to Postdamer Platz Sony Centre, walk up to pay our entry fee, thinking it will be no more than 20 Euro for a family and are left with open mouths, when the person on the other side of the counter tells us it’s 19.50 Euro for one person.

“One person” I exclaimed as she nodded.
“So that means a hundred Euros for five of us.”
She nodded again.
“That’s ridiculous”, I said and walked out. My little guy didn’t even care in the end.

We walked for a few more minutes down to a Espionage Exhibition, payed 35 Euro for the family and had a blast checking out all of the different spying techniques used through out the last 120 years. And Berlin being divided into East and Wast was a haven for the spies.

I saw a three story record store and I took the boys in so they could see what it was like when I was growing up to obtain music. They hated it.

They hated flicking through the records and finding out, that the record I asked them to look for is not there.

“What was the point?”

Because they’ve grown up in an on-demand society. Everything they want is available at their fingertips.

The thing that got me was the price to buy music. 29.99 Euros for one vinyl record is ridiculous, especially when you have Spotify available in Germany for 9.99 Euro and it has every artist you would need.

When we got back to the hotel, demonstrator’s had taken over the street. Police cars and escorts were everywhere. The cars are stopped and the trams are stopped while the protest moves past. They have loudspeakers and disco beats.

I asked one guy what is the protest about as I don’t understand German. The guy responds it’s a demonstration. And I’m thinking no shit, buddy.

So I change my question and ask, what are they demonstrating about?

He turns, looks at me and says “women rights”. Thanks for being so talkative.


5 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. No lack of effort on trying to show your family a good time! Greed Rules Sumpreme!
    The most important thing I wanna know is did u score any vinyl in that old shop?
    Stay Safe out in the streets!

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