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My Saturday began with my wife waking me up at 5.30am.

“Pete, we have a problem”, she said.

“What is it?”, I replied back.

“I just got an email and they’ve changed our cruise departure point from Berlin to Copenhagen.”

“Okay I’ll deal with it later”, I said without really comprehending the situation.

In my head, I’m thinking, what the fuck. The cruise company didn’t just change it, they moved it to another fucking country.

Five seconds later I was fully awake, so I asked to see the email. And it’s true. Due to adverse weather conditions forecast for Berlin, which is actually a port called Warnemunde, three hours away from Berlin, NCL, the owners of Norwegian Breakaway moved the departure, with a goodwill gesture to reimburse us up to $300US for any extra costs.

So at 5.35am, I’m booking flights to Denmark and spending an additional 476 Euro for 5 tickets.

I haven’t had a trip to Europe without a hiccup.

Today was our public transport day in Berlin. We did the old West Berlin City Shopping Hub and caught a Bundesliga game between Hertha Berlin and Borussia Monchengladbach with 51,800 other people. Hertha won 4-2.

The atmosphere was electric.

One thing that Europe does well is their public transport system. It’s so easy to use and everything is located close to the train stations. Australia is a mess when it comes to public transport.

However, one thing that I find ridiculous in Germany is the need to pay to use a public toilet. In Australia, we don’t have this problem.

Sunday was our walking day. Actually on Friday, we did 13.9km of walking, on Saturday we did 11.4km of walking and today (Sunday) we did 13.3km of walking. As I type this, my legs are aching and my calves are super tight. I’m getting too old for these kind of trips.

Today we did Alexanderplatz, Nikolaikirchplatz and the Wall Memorial. At Alexanderplatz, they are gearing up for Oktoberfest. One thing I like about Germany and Europe in general is that beer is available everywhere. Australia is not like that. But we have toilets everywhere and for free.

And on Sundays a lot of things are closed. They don’t tell ya that in the guides. Maybe I’m used to Australia and everything being opened 7 days a week.

I wanted to do a lot more in Berlin and explore more of the older settlements a bit further away from the city however time is short and tomorrow we depart to catch our cruise in Copenhagen.

Let’s see if the cruise ship is there waiting.


5 thoughts on “More Berlin

  1. Funny how you go away to get away from everyday stress and than you have to deal with another kind of stress in another country!
    Continued safe travels Brother!
    I’m enjoying these Post’s!

  2. Henrik says:

    It depends on EU country/city whether public toilets are free or not. I just read an article discussing current problems in Helsinki, where they recently changed to free public loos. Outcome: lots of junkies and misbehavior. Now they are probably rolling back to chargeable services.

    BTW, Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Better than Berlin, though a tad more expensive as well.

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