17 thoughts on “Crying In The Rain – The John Sykes Firing From Whitesnake

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    • Mine too. My bible for when I was learning to play the guitar is RR Tribute album, John Sykes 87 album, Maiden Live after Death album, Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction and Metallica Justice For All.

  2. Steven L Seed says:

    It’s really sad these two can’t put their differences aside for the greater good. I don’t think there has ever been a lineup of Whitesnake that sounded as good as the 1987 album members. From Coverdale’s strong vocals and lyrics to Sykes’ intricate riffs, strong chord progressions and flourish not to mention excellent bass lines from Murray and some of the most explosive and complex drumming ever recorded by Dunbar. What I wouldn’t pay to hear these guys play together again?

  3. Sean Black says:

    And we now see Coverdale was never able to create the magic he & Sykes built during the “Whitesnake” writing and recording sessions. It’s hard for me to believe that John Kolander or Coverdale himself would manage to ignore this fact, but as an accomplished musician myself, I’m here to say from experience, even the most talented musicians are friggin’ knuckleheads!

  4. When your hungry and chasing success, it’s a different mindset. The meeting of Sykes and Coverdale was a perfect synergy. Coverdale started to get traction and wanted to establish himself and Sykes is the hungry lion .

  5. Stan says:

    Reminds me of the original Dio Band story, once V Campbell got the chop it never felt the same, and the magic of that quartet of Dio, Campbell, Appice and Bain was lost forever..

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