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Dream Theater has a listening party and forgot to invite any fans.

The future and the present is all about going direct to the people who will pay for what you do.

Dream Theater just had a listening party for their new self-titled album and who did they have in attendance? The answer should be their FANS. They should have done the work via their website (which is still showing A Dramatic Turn Of Events graphics – another dumb decision so close to the new album coming out) or on Facebook to identify fans in the local area that should have been there.

Instead they had the people that will not pay for the music there. The usual media suspects and reporters. They surrounded themselves with people that will not write a negative review about them because this is the year 2013 that we live in and everyone wants to be a member of the club. Everyone wants to be invited back and everyone wants to be liked. Has anyone purchased a Dream Theater album because Billboard Magazine rated it highly or poorly or from a Village Voice review? The answer would be a definite NO. Why? Dream Theater built their career outside of the mainstream. It was the mainstream that came knocking on the door for Dream Theater and they let them in.

This is where Dream Theater missed an opportunity to go directly to their fans. They are marketing this album the old way. Yes they are using online blogs and so forth, however they are still not going direct to their fans. Remember back in 1991, Metallica had arena sized listening parties for their fans before the release of the Black album. This is where Dream Theater could have gone in deep with their fan base. This is where Dream Theater could truly CONNECT with them and find out what it is they love about the band. This is where the album could have marketed.

I am a Dream Theater fan and I am negative about the way they are missing out on so many opportunities to connect with fans in the current climate. The webisodes updates have been really lame without any hint of how the new music will sound like.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be purchasing the deluxe edition of the album as I have always done and so will thousands of other fans. The difference here is I believe Dream Theater can sell in the millions, if only they shift their thinking and stop missing opportunities to connect direct to fans.

Remember The Blackening from Machine Head. It has been heralded as the best metal album of the first decade. They also had a listening party in the studio before the album came out with their fans. After that, they went on a three year victory lap touring behind it.

Dream Theater needs to shift their thinking.

In the meantime, go check out the great new song from Trivium called Brave This Storm.


16 thoughts on “Dream Theater has a listening party and forgot to invite any fans.

    • beno says:

      How so? He’s right on the money. Ever since MP left, DT has been completely detached from their fanbase. Sure, a few members tried to pretend to connect and stay in touch right after MP left, but as time has gone on, they’ve gone back to their old ways of never being in touch with fans.

      The author is absolutely correct that it’s a huge slap in the face to every single fan, to be embracing a mainstream that for so long ignored you, at the expense of turning your back on your fans. DT should be saying “fuck you” to the mainstream, and doing things more actively to be THANKFUL to the fanbase that allowed them success despite the lack of mainstream backing.

      The more time goes on and the more this kind of commercial crap happens, the more it makes me miss MP and his down-to-earth relationship with fans. These guys are becoming detached, and forgetting who made them who they are today. So sad.

  1. Jaymes watson says:

    I disagree wholeheartly. bottom line is their music is so unique to their fans any gestures to apeal to outsiders fails because as artist they don’t compromise that’s why we love’um.

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  3. jj says:

    Way to write an article about nothing.. Who’s to say some of those press members weren’t DT fans? Dream Theater and it’s members consistently use social media to keep their fans up to date. Rudess has over 1000 fucking videos on youtube. Mike Portnoy could still be in the band if he wasn’t such an entitled ass about leaving and expecting to just come back. Sure I liked his metal influence but IMO Petrucci has been DT’s real driving force all these years. And how about you wait until the album is actually released before calling them mainstream..

    • Why did you read it?

      I never said that the press members are not DT fans and I never said that the press members should be at the listening party. I just said that fans of the band, the ones that actually keep the band in the business of making music should have been there as well.

      They invited fans via Facebook for the London Listening party which happened a few weeks after the New York listening party.

      I also agree that John Petrucci is the real driving force behind Dream Theater. You should really go on and read the other posts i have on Dream Theater and you will be able to form an opinion.

      I am not calling DT mainstream, because they can never be mainstream, however I believe that are being advised incorrectly by the people around them.

  4. DaNTheatR says:

    After listening few times at the new self-titled album, I discover that I don’t like very much what Dream Theater is becoming since Octavarium. Too many mournful and melancholic refrains. Also, I found it very disappointing that they shut down the sound of the drums. Plus, the bass lines are not very creative. Sorry, but in a overall, I’m not that convinced. Listen to it, you’ll hear what I’m saying! Have a nice day!

    • Beno says:

      I don’t at all agree with you. To me this is DT’s strongest effort since Six Degrees. ToT and Octavarium get far too much love. The only solid track on either of them is octavarium, and Illumination Theory gives it a serious run for its money. This self titled is where DT should have naturally progressed after Six Degrees…shame it took them 5 albums, too many years, and a drummer replacement to get there.

      • DaNTheatR says:

        Sorry, maybe I have not expressed myself correctly. The drums sounds muffled to me. It’s not crystal clear drum recording like it was with MP. Mangini have so many special effects cymbals and crazy fills, the recording don’t give him the credits he deserves. I start following this guy long before he became an household name. I’ve seen clinics of him and I can assure you that there’s no way you could hear all of his subtilities in DT records. Just compare the drums recording on albums with MP and those with MM or a better example, listen to other stuff Mangini have participated in.

        “And who gives a fuck about bass (…)”
        Not you apparently! But anyway, you just prove my point by saying that… Plus, when I’m listening to a band, I want to hear the complete band, not the egos of it’s members.

        Have a nice one!

  5. Ale says:

    This is one of the best album since 10 past years. also they never updated their websites unless the exact day of release comes out. Never once they updated the graphic of website before a cD went official in sale.

    People just like to create drama every Dream Theater cd Release. Just enjoy the music,. if you dont like, move on and shut up.

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