Prime Circle

Prime Circle has my attention.  Last week, I didn’t know who this band was.  Then I heard the 2012 album, Evidence.  Now I need to write about them.

This is what happens if you write an album that has substance and quality, so that when a listener hears it for the first time, you seize that moment and get their attention.

This is what bands like Prime Circle, Vaudeville, Burnside and The Night Flight Orchestra have done.  They have written quality albums.  Quality will always rise above the noise.  For some it might take longer than others.

So who is Prime Circle.  They are South African.  Formed in 2000, they have a style that merges Alter Bridge, Three Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown. It’s just good rock music.  Evidence is their fifth album.  It took them that long to get my attention.  13 years.

“Without the fans, we would be nothing. And I don’t ever want to do anything else. Creating music for a living is a privilege, and we never forget that.”

That is a quote from their bio. All musicians that create music with the expectation that they will earn millions, will never make it.  Those musicians that create music, because they just want to create music, will end up rising to the top.

It’s very important that artists’ realise, that very few people get to make a living as a professional musician.  That is the reality of the musical market, however in order to create quality music, you need to be in it for the long haul.  Experience breeds greatness.

“Time Kills Us All”


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