Dave Nadolski – Off Your Mind and more Under The Flood

All I can say, is that Dave Nadolski has some pipes on him.  Very similar in style to Chris Daughtry.  The song is good, however it is still in the same modern rock style that other artists do a bit better.  

For those who don’t know, Dave Nadolski is the lead singer of the band Under The Flood.

Under The Flood have been doing the hard roads since forming in 2005 by bothers Matt (guitars) and Dave (vocals) Nadolski.  The first album, The Witness was released in May 2008.  Alive In The Fire was released in June 2010 and A Different Light in February 2012.

At the moment they are recording new music for a new release.

However, the web presence of the band, needs some major renovations.  The Facebook page is far from informative, the twitter feed offers nothing really useful and the ReverbNation account is also left unattended.

They need to start promoting themselves right now, way in advance of the release of new material.

They need to start connecting with their fan base.  They need to give songs away for email addresses.  They need to be able to hit send and reach their fans whenever they are ready.

The Facebook presence needs to be updated with more content, so that people keep coming back.  It needs to be grown. The Twitter account as well.  Posting pictures without any description or story is just not good enough.

They need that one song that will connect and mobilise the fans, as their success depends upon the fans breaking the record to the masses.  The days of the press breaking records are over.


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