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My Dream Theater Collection

My Dream Theater Collection


The soundtrack to my life is what you see right here.  John Petrucci’s influence on my guitar playing and song writing has been huge.  Looking forward to adding the new Dream Theater album and Live at Luna Park DVD to it.  

The collection includes:

  • All official DT albums and DVD releases.  From the Roadrunner days it also includes the deluxe editions. , plus concert tickets to the Australian shows on the Systematic Chaos and Black Clouds and Silver Linings tours.
  • Original print run of Images and Words (DT Bio), with my name in it.
  • John Petrucci solo album, as well as Rock Discipline DVD, plus a concert ticket to the G3 show with Petrucci, in Australia.
  • All Ytse Jam Bootleg Series releases (both on CD and DVD).
  • Liquid Tension Experiment Releases
  • Adrenaline Mob
  • Platypus
  • Mullmuzzler, plus other James LaBrie related releases.
  • Not photographed is the DT Guitar Notation Books to Images and Words, Awake, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Train of Thought and Systematic Chaos.

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