A to Z of Making It, Music

Don’t Waste Time Correcting All The Mistakes

When we start out in life, we are always available. We are all nobodies trying to find our niche, a place to feel at home. We make friends with all comers. We hang with them, because we are thrilled that someone cares about what we do and what we are.

And then we become somebody. We start to judge others. We start to judge the people we knew. We start to close the doors on the people we once we knew, only letting in a select few. We surround ourselves with enables because we are somebody. We give people who we knew the cold shoulder and we start to feel alienated. To help with that feeling we turn to vices.

Don’t let that be you. It’s a different world today. We are all equal on line. It is a tidal wave of digital information. You need to keep those connections that you made at the start. Don’t surround yourself with YES people. You need to hear other peoples’ opinions. It is what keeps us grounded. That is the beauty of social media. There is always someone offering an opinion. It’s okay to not respond to all of the Tweets and Facebook messages you get, however it is also important that you do not ignore them.

In the end, no one lives forever. You only have one chance in life. Don’t waste time correcting all of the mistakes. The past cannot be undone, you need to move on.


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