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To be great means you need to be great 24/7

My kids played football today. They went done by five goals. Was the other team that better? It was only 2-1 at half time, I tell myself. All I can say is that the other team turned up to play.

It doesn’t matter how much talent a team has, if they don’t turn up to play on game day they will be made to look second grade.

So what do kids do when they start losing.

They become individual’s, team play goes out the window, and the bad day at the office degenerates into the worst day. Kids want to cry but they suck it in. They are embarrassed.

What does this have to do with music?

Everything. If you are not at your best, if you are not creating content that is great, if you don’t turn up to play everyday, you will be left behind.

You could have released two great songs and people are talking about you, there is interest and then you choke. You fail to deliver. In music second chances and comebacks can happen but the task becomes harder.

Big bands rely on their legacy. Smaller bands rely on their connections with the fans and pushing out great content. Once that stops, people might give you another chance, but don’t expect another one after that if you fail.

In the case of the soccer/football team, imagine if their recent run of form got scouts(aka. gatekeepers) interested. Would the team have been picked up? No chance, opportunity missed for them.

You need to be excellent everyday, all the time.


3 thoughts on “To be great means you need to be great 24/7

  1. I enjoy your point of view. I am not a huge Bon Jovi fan but I saw them open for Ratt in 1986. They blew Ratt off the stage. I could see it then, that they were going to be huge. The music was tight and Jon was running all over the stage and climbed up to the top of the crossbeams.

    I know this post is about football, and you are right. If an artist doesn’t give 100% each time, then the team fails and the artist fails and the fans suffer. As a fan, I know when a artist only gives 99%. That lacking 1% was the difference between Bon Jovi and Ratt in 1986.

    • Ratt. One of my favourite guitarists and songwriters is Warren DeMartini. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves from the Mainstream Guitar Heroes, however you talk to any serious guitarist that grew up in the 80’s, Warren DeMartini is up there as a favourite. That is one band that could have, would have, should have been great.

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