Bon Jovi’s What About Now drops from #7 to #34

Bon Jovi’s What About Now drops from #7 to #34

Well it’s week 3 of Bon Jovi’s new album release, What About Now.  In three weeks, it has gone from Number 1 to Number 7 to Number 34.  What a drop off.  Sales for weekending 4 April 2013, came to 16,154.  So sales have dropped from 101,000 to 29,000 to 16,000.

Even Richie Sambora has dropped off the tour due to personal issues.   It looks like the elevator music album they created is going down.  To make it worse, the Bon Jovi website has a moderator that is deleting posts from angry fans.  Talk about living in a fantasy land. Lets make everything look okay, because we can.

Babel from Mumford and Sons is still moving 37,000 units, and Night Visions from Imagine Dragons is moving 47,000 units.  Both albums have been on the charts for 27 and 30 weeks respectively.

Another artist using the old mainstream hype of hitting people across the head with a sledgehammer is Justin Timberlake.  He dropped from 1,000,000 in sales to 317,000 in sales.  That is a 68% drop off.  Let’s see how long Justin hangs around.

The people need to feel like they can relate to the album, that they own a part of it, and the old top down approach is not how it works these days.  It is reversed.  It is the people at the bottom that spread the word and make it go viral.  No one is doing that for Bon Jovi.

The shows are selling out.  But the new album is not selling.  Does JBJ care?  I don’t think so.


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