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The Purchase Dilemma

Remember the time when you would go through the LP racks (afterwards it would be CD’s) and pull out the LPs you want.

At the end of your searching, which could last over an hour or two, maybe even more, I would have at least eight LPs in my hand but enough money to buy two.

And then I would go through the “how can i decide which albums to purchase with my limited funds” algorithm in my head.

  • Is the cover interesting?
  • Is the band name acceptable?
  • Are the song titles generic or different?
  • Who is the producer?

And if it was a new artist I’ve never really heard of, I would ask myself the following;

  • How does the band look?
  • Are the songs written by the band or with outside writers?
  • Which label are they on?

And just like that I would have wilted down those eight LPs to four. But I still have a dilemma. I only have enough money for two.

So I would have a look at my friends score. And it’s pretty similar to mine and I can see they are also suffering the same dilemma.

So it’s time to plant the “purchase seed”.

How about they buy two albums and I buy the other two albums and then we will copy those albums that either of us didn’t have on a cassette. Sometimes we wouldn’t even copy an album one of us owned and the other didn’t because after hearing it, it didn’t really resonate or it was just plain shit.

And on the train trip home we would stare at the back covers and the lyric sheets, absorbing the album before we’ve even heard it.

Man, those days are gone. Long gone.

And why would they even come back, as the majority of music fans love how we can access everything at our fingertips.

But they don’t have the purchase dilemma.