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Great Marketing

Anyone been following the Seinfeld episode known as Nikki Sixx vs Steel Panther?

It’s another hilarious episode about nothing.

It started off with a simple interview question to the guys from Steel Panther about “which artist would they like to bring back from the dead?”

The singer Michael Starr (great stage name as well) responded that he would like to bring back Vince Neil; the earlier version.

Nikki Sixx then posted on Twitter that “The singer in Steel Panther can go and fuck himself… wanna be band, putting down Vince Neil.”

Blabbermouth was all over it, reporting a few tweets here and there for click bait.

Fans of Motley Crue kept responding about “who is Steel Panther”.

And Blabbermouth kept on finding tweets to report and kept the click bait coming everyday with headlines like, “NIKKI SIXX Slams ‘Wanna-Be Band’ STEEL PANTHER: ‘They Are A Holes” and my favourite one because it didn’t even include the person’s name (because I am pretty sure they don’t know it), “STEEL PANTHER Drummer Responds to NIKKI SIXX; “Sounds Like Someone Needs Some F Attention”.

Steel Panther are a parody band and they are having a lot of fun doing what they do. Singer Michael Starr whose real name is Ralph Saenz has a PhD. in English.

So he knows a thing or two about marketing, so it was no surprise that the band then posted a tweet that said BACKSTABBERS, and featured a video of Motley Crue Corabi era laughing hard, when they were asked what their thoughts are about how Vince Neil broke so many ribs in a boating accident.

They laughed so hard and Mick said something like “is the boat okay”.

Remember Vince Neil and Axl Rose feud. Even the VH guys said they would foot the bill for a Vegas showdown. Great marketing for both bands. Same deal here.

And the saga continues. A cool interlude and laugh for our crazy days.