My Stories, Stupidity


I got a call from a person called William, with an offer to invest $100 dollars into this unbelievable trading platform called Trade Centre and watch it make money.

I was in a mood and I thought let’s play.

I already had crypto monies in another wallet so I moved $100 of it to their trading platform.

Red flags started to appear already when William told me, he will be making the trades for me. I asked him why is that.

He told me that he’s “super experienced” and I might make mistakes which would lose me money.

He told me I need to trust in him.


Now the website I must say, was state of the art and confusing. It had real time data of all the different stock exchanges, currency movements and hundreds of other types of investments. There was charts and everything else.

Now I do trade on stocks so the exchanges are something I can follow but on this case, their exchange was something I could not follow.

So I Googled the trading platform name and there are hundreds of web pages of people’s testimony telling any reader how great the platform is and how easy it is to make money on it.

I was suspicious because the websites all have the same look and feel. At the time I was still putting together my case to assess of it is a scam, which shows how sophisticated it all is.

William called me the next day and told me the good news that the $100 investment made $20. Mmm, a 20% increase for a 24 hour period was and is too good to be true.

I asked William, “how is that possible, as I watched the trades all day and it was at $100, then after he calls me it went up to $120.”

I then asked for a withdrawal of the money and I was met with another offer from William to invest $1000 dollars and to make some serious money. He kept telling me how I need to trust him and he will make me a lot of money. Red Flags.

But, I was still in a playful mood, so I kept asking him questions like where is he from, is he married, does he have kids, etc. He was hesitant and deflective and I said to him, hey, if you want me to trust you, I need to know you.

He told me, he is from London. No wife and no kids because he is too busy making millions for himself and people. It was all crap to me.

“Where is the office in London and on what street?”, I asked him. He never gave me an answer on that one, and he asked me a question on what I do. I reverted back to my question and re-iterated to him if you want me to trust you, then you need to tell me some information. He never did on this. I had Google Street View ready to check the address but I never got one.

“What did you do on the weekend?”, I kept on probing. He told me he jumped on his private jet and caught up with a mate who also has a private jet. An image of the DiCaprio movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street” came to mind, when they were doing that penny stock cold calling scam.

I could go on with all the crap conversation that happened, but in the end, William and his crew are investment scammers in the Crypto World and I can see how these kind of investment scammers capture people.

If you don’t know much about investments and trades then it’s easy to be sucked in by them, because you are always making money on their trades. But when I look at my normal trades and the markets in general, how can they pay 20% when the market is in the red for both shares and crypto.

And man, those websites and that trading platform are very sophisticated. William and his syndicate of scammers manipulate the data. A person looking at the trading platforms believes it is legit. But what’s really happening is that they are stealing people’s money.

And like Ponzi Scheme’s they do pay people money so they can get those people to trust them and invest a bit more. So I did get back my $100 money, with William saying, as a sign of trust for me to invest even more with him, like $10,000.

Thanks but no thanks.