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Evil Wind

From the “Desolation Angels” album as Paul Rodgers is channelling what Santana should have sounded like at the turn of the decade. The first 4 songs of this album are a knock-out punch combo.

I’ve been gone such a long time,
I never thought I would return,
Now I found myself standing in the rain,
Waiting for your key to turn, yeah, yeah.

You been on the road for so long, it’s not the same when you get home. People have moved on because once you stop being around, you start to disappear. Out of mind and out of sight.

I remember reading a story about Bob Seger and how his kid didn’t recognize him when he returned from the road.

Evil wind, passed me by,
Troubled waters, pay me no mind.

You’ve gone through a difficult situation to return home only to find the situation is even more difficult.

I have crossed the waters
That will keep them miles apart,
Now I know the time has come
To make a brand new start.

Acceptance of the situation and acknowledging it’s time to move on.

By the end of the 70’s, those iconic bands were struggling to replenish their audience. And for the ones that didn’t look music video worthy, well, their career was at a standstill. They had to be in it to make music because they loved writing music. Some of the artists re-invented themselves and became even bigger in the 80’s. Aerosmith is one such band, but Tyler and Perry did have a pretty boy look.

Classic Songs to Be Discovered, Derivative Works, Influenced, Music, My Stories, Unsung Heroes

Crazy Circles

“Crazy Circles” is from the “Desolation Angels” album from Bad Company. While Led Zeppelin morphed into a band with synths in 1979, Paul Rodgers channelled his own Zep spirits and recreated what Zep might have sounded like if they stayed within their roots.

Life is like
A merry go round
Painted horses
Riding up and down
Music takes you
And you’re gone again
Crazy circles never seem to end

Damn right.

Music takes you on so many emotive rides.

We went to the show to connect. Our memento was the ticket stub and maybe a t-shirt, which once upon a time you could only get on tour.

Now people go to the show, to say they were there and take a selfie with the stage and the crowd in the background and to film it (like they are going to watch it back later). And ticket prices had an inflation rate that we wish our wages had. On top of bands scalping their own tickets.

But we still paid the price, and we still went.

Life is like
A game of chance
Some find riches
And some romance
Some find happiness
And some find sorrow
Some find it today
And some maybe tomorrow

Life in a nutshell.

Each day is a game of chance. Well it’s meant to be.

But maybe, we are too comfortable and in a routine, that we have forgotten to take chances. And we are constantly in a fight between happiness and sadness. Even in a relationship, there are ups and downs. It’s never perfect, nothing ever is, because humans always disappoint each other because of our own made up expectations as to what people should say and do.

If you don’t believe me, think back to arguments you might have had and how many times would you have heard the words, “you should have done this” or “how come you didn’t do this/that”.

In other words, we are flexing our own views and personality onto someone else.

Life is like
A carousel
You aim for heaven
And you wind up in hell
To all the world
You’re living’ like a king
But you’re just a puppet
On a broken string

So true.

How many of us crash and burn trying to be someone we’re not. You only have one life, so enjoy it and live it the way you want and not to show off in front of others what you have, or to spiral into debt to own possessions, which all get thrown away once you die anyway.

I’ve always said that an artist is at their best once they have lived and experienced.

Paul Rodgers at this time was 30 years old and he wrote some of the best lyrics of his career, summing up his life and experiences over the last 15 years.

Classic Songs to Be Discovered, Influenced, Music, My Stories, Unsung Heroes

Rock N Roll Fantasy

I didn’t hear “Desolation Angels” until I purchased it (along with the self-titled debut and “Straight Shooter”)  from a record fair in the 2000’s.

The Paul Rodgers cut “Rock’N’Roll Fantasy” opens the album. Before dropping the needle on the album, I remember reading countless stories in magazines about how Bad Company had been written off by the late seventies.

They had success with their first three albums, released over three years (1974,1975 and 1976). Then “Burnin’ Sky” came out in 1977 and it was competing with the first three albums for sales. They saturated and cannibalised their own market. And the album was ignored (compared to the first three), because for people of the era, the first three albums were still new releases.

But, then in 1979, they came out firing with a modern sound and a catchy song.

I love the music and I love to see the crowd
Dancing in the aisles and singing out loud, yeah

Rock N Roll music became an escape from the daily grind of life. The people attended the shows and the acts lapped it up. And rock and roll grooved, like this song. Because rock artists ruled over manufactured pop music artists, the record labels had no other option but to allow the rock artist to be creative.

And before music television, there was radio and we lived at the record store. A trip there was everything. Going to the concert was an event to let your hair down and connect with the music, whereas these days, people go to say and show they have been.

It’s their biggest single, but it’s never on those classic rock compilations.

If you want to hear dangerous, check out that bad boy sleazy riff from 1.15 to about 1.33. it’s dripping in rock and roll intoxication with its staccato style of playing.