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Copyright Stupidity

There is a story doing the rounds over at Torrent Freak. Refer to the link above.

The tone of the story is about the power that the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) funded Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) holds in the U.K. It looks like copyright infringement these days involves a lot of police resources and judicial resources all based on evidence that is gathered by FACT officers. Think about that for a minute. The Police Department is not doing any investigation of their own. They are taking the evidence of FACT officers as being true and correct. In addition, these are non-violent crimes, so for the police to invest large resources, is extreme to say the least.

FACT is funded by the MPAA. The MPAA is funded by the U.S movie studios. The Movie Studios have an agenda; to bring the distribution of movies back under their control. They want it to be like it was before the Internet came along.

That is why the Movie Studios get the MPAA to lobby hard to change legislation. The MPAA, tried to do this with SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) and they failed.

In the meantime, MPAA funded FACT organisations have sprung up all over the world. The Australian FACT version took one of the medium size ISP players to Court, so that a judge can declare that ISP’s are responsible for copyright infringement. They failed. Negotiations then started with FACT and all the other ISP’s about a warning/strikes system. Even these have broken down.

Going back to the story, when the alleged “violent” copyright infringer was questioned/interviewed, it was done by FACT officers, while the Police sat back. Then when it came to charge the alleged copyright infringer, it was unclear as to what he has done wrong, and on his bail sheet, it is referred to a Miscellaneous Offense.

So let me get this straight.

1. An out of hours search warrant is issued. This would involve a Judge, Police Prosecutor and FACT officers.
2. Five Undercover cars, containing 10 Police Officers, plus FACT officers raid a house, where the alleged copyright infringer doesn’t live anymore. Put this down to the great investigation from the FACT officers. Put this down to Police incompetence for not investigating the matter as well.
3. Once they find out from the current residents of the property where the alleged copyright infringer lives, 3 police cars, containing 6 police officers plus FACT officers raid the current place of residence of the alleged copyright infringer.
4. The raid is due to the alleged copyright infringer recording and distributing Fast and Furious 6 and a few other titles. However, the items seized included three servers, a desktop computer, blank hard drives and blank media. NO movie recording equipment was seized.
5. Back at the Police Station the alleged copyright infringer is interviewed/questioned by FACT officers, while the Police Officer sits back and observes.
6. The alleged copyright infringer was then let out on bail, with the charge recorded as an Miscellaneous Offense.

So all of this time is invested just for a Miscellaneous Offense. This is Copyright Stupidity at its worst. This is what happens when the judicial process has been sold to whoever pays the most. If you look up conflict of interest in any dictionary, you will see the above debacle fitting in with the definition.