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The Record Vault – Bullet For My Valentine

Come here you naughty girl, you’re such a tease

“Fever” is BFMV’s hard rock/heavy metal album. It’s my favourite, just ahead of their previous effort, “Scream, Aim, Fire”. Then “Venom” and “Temper and Temper”. The Linkin Park sounding “Gravity” is up next and “The Poison” (too much screaming for me, but great riffage) is last.

The first three tracks, “Your Betrayal”, “Fever” and “The Last Fight” would fit on any 80’s album written between 1981 and 1985. To me they are metal classics especially “The Last Fight”. “A Place Where You Belong” is the ballad track, the same way Metallica has track 4 as a slower tempo ballad.

The lead breaks on the first four songs by Michael Paget are guitar hero worthy, with emotional bends, arpeggios and fast picked lines.

“Pleasure And Pain” is a fast heavy rocker with the lead break again from Paget being very Iron Maiden like. It starts off with a memorable line, which is then harmonised and then he breaks out the hard rockisms and shred.

“Alone” kicks off with an open string pull off lead which gets you to pay attention straight away. Then from about 40 seconds, it feels like a cut from the “Rust In Peace” album from Megadeth. And the lead break from Paget has tapping and fast alternate picked lines. And somehow it all works together and is memorable.

Listen to the start of “Dignity” and if it doesn’t get your head nodding and foot tapping, then you are too uptight. And it has Judas Priest and Iron Maiden all over it. Even Helloween. “Begging For Mercy” has a thrash metal riff. It’s the got some screaming vocals. But the Chorus, man, how catchy. “Pretty On The Outside” is another up-tempo thrash song, with screaming in the verses. And the Chorus again is pretty catchy.

The “Temper Temper” album further evolves the hard rock and metal tones from “Fever”.

“Breaking Point” is a fast tempo rock with a super catchy chorus and another lead break masterpiece from Paget. Plus did I mention that Michael Moose Thomas builds this intro perfectly. “Truth Hurts” feels like an evolution of “Your Betrayal”. “Temper Temper” is an sleazy but aggressive verse riff and an AC/DC style chorus.

“P.O.W” has this palm muted riff in the verses which reminds of Jake E Lee’s style riffing in tracks like “Waiting For Darkness”.

“Dirty Little Secret” has this intro that reminds me of “Back In The Village” from Iron Maiden. And the way Michael Moose Thomas builds the drumming in the intro to the next part of the song is great musicianship. And that section from about 3.20, when the drums hold like a Kashmir beat, and the guitars are playing fast down picked chords and octaves and Matt Tuck is singing “Dirty Little Secret” over and over again.

“Leech” is like a punk song, but it sounds like a song that could have come from the “Slave To The Grind” album from Skid Row. “Dead To The World” is one of those slower tempo songs

BFMV is well known for. There is always a nice intro which goes for about a minute with a lead break. Think of tracks like “Fade To Black”, “One” and “Welcome Home” and “The Unforgiven” from Metallica as examples. Then about 3.20 it picks up into a metal tune with great riffage and harmonies and a lead break from Paget which is brilliant.

“Riot” is basically a blues track with its staccato style riff in the Chorus. Think ZZ Top and “La Grange”. “Tears Don’t Fall (Pt. 2)” has this cool riff with digital delay on it, which basically makes the first note repeat when they are like on the third note of the riff.

“Livin Life (On The Edge Of A Knife)” is just a good rock song. “Not Invincible” is an 80’s classic metal song, the way I know metal.

On the deluxe edition, there is a cover of “Whole Lotta Rosie” (Live at BBC Radio 1) and I think its perfect how they do it, because you can hear that Acca Dacca was an influence on the making of this album, especially when you look at songs like “Riot” and “Temper, Temper”.

Up next Black Veil Brides.

Classic Songs to Be Discovered, Derivative Works, Influenced, Music, My Stories, Unsung Heroes

Army Of Noise

“Army Of Noise” has got that feel of “Metal Militia” and overall the song has a “Kill Em All” vibe in the lyrics.

The intro riff morphs into the verse riff and it’s a combination of Metallica and Slayer, from their “Ride The Lightning” and “South Of Heaven” albums. It’s fast and aggressive and Matt Tuck spits out the words.

Anticipation we’re on the attack, just keep pushing forward, there’s no turning back

I lived this during the 80’s, but there is a whole new generation who needs these words and are living it right now.

Lights out, fist raised, adrenaline rushing infecting our veins

Going to the show was about the adrenaline. Now it’s about the best seat, which you pay premium for, and the selfie and the filmed footage to show the world that you went.

I’m guilty of it as well.

Now feel the heat as the temperature spikes, bodies are thrashing, the fire ignites

I’ve never been in a circle pit but goddamn they are wicked to watch.

At one of the Machine Head Sydney concerts, I saw this guy on crutches make his way into the circle pit and he just vanished like a person in a twister, only to be lifted up in the air and held up high by the circle pitters. Unbelievable, that in all of that chaos, there was a sense to protect.

Before the Chorus comes in, there is this foot stomping riff that just gets me ready to break stuff.

Once the Chorus kicks in, its arena rock all the way.

So here we are
Weapons in arms
Army of noise has come to destroy
We will not fall
Brothers in arms
We will deploy our army
An army of noise

The message and the ethos is the same as the 80s. In those times we had “Stand Up And Shout”, “I Wanna Rock”, “Cum On Feel The Noize” and “We Rock”. Judas Priest took it to another level with “Ram It Down” and “Heavy Metal”.

One thing that I’ve always liked about BFMV is the drumming from Michael “Moose” Thomas. The way he builds intro’s and riffs with metronome precision, his double kick work and tom rolls is excellent.

But he is no longer in the band, fired during the “Venom” tour. Well, he left the tour to go home, so he could be there for the birth of his child and after a few months, he contacted the band and said he was ready to return, but they didn’t offer him a return date.

And the lead break is Triple A rated. Michael Paget is an unknown in the larger field of guitarist these days, but he is a bonafide guitar hero in my book.

So feel the sound as it pounds in your chest
Eardrums exploding bodies possessed