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Adrenaline Mob and Mike Portnoy – Is He Serious?


Is he serious? In my view, he made a big mistake.  Mike Portnoy is not a star. He doesn’t have the pull to have multiple projects happening at the same time.  He is just a drummer. That’s it.

So it looks like the Mike Portnoy philosophy of success is create a band.  Once a band is created, believe that you are the bands main songwriter.  Believe that you are a God.  Believe that you are the reason why people come to the shows.  So you create another band and then another band and then another band.  Then, when a certain band has some success, you just walk away from it, because your other bands schedules conflict.  It’s not a very grown up thing to do.

In my view, Adrenaline Mob had a future.  Winery Dogs has no future, Flying Colors is over and Transatlantic has a cult fan base, however it is not something to build a career off.

Looking through all the comments on Facebook and various blogs, one thing is clear, the fans are starting to turn away from Mike Portnoy. Fans are the ones who break bands these days.  They are the ones that promote the release on their Facebook accounts, on the blogs they visit, on YouTube, on Twitter and so on.  Once the fans start to turn away, once the fans put their hands up in the air and say we don’t care anymore, it’s over.

The best thing to ever happen to Mike Portnoy was John Petrucci, and he pissed all that away, because he couldn’t handle the fact, that Petrucci was the star and not him.