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The Number Of The Beast

You know it’s going to be a good day when you see “The Number Of The Beast” trending on Twitter. Without even seeing why it’s trending, I went straight to Spotify and pressed play on the album.

I wished I logged the hours I spent staring at the cover and I wish I kept the drawing journal of the many attempts to draw it. I eventually got there after a few years.

The 70’s fast blues rock of “Invaders” kicks off the album. It didn’t blow me away, but the next song did.

I heard the live version of “Children of The Damned” first. I lived with it for a long time. It felt a bit quicker and I liked it.

But the studio version is my definitive version now. The vocal melody from Bruce Dickinson is haunting and chilling. Only he can make “Children of The Damned”, repeated four times, sound musical.

Then from 3 minutes, the harmony guitar comes in. Drop whatever you’re doing and start to play air guitar. And Dickinson again takes centre stage, as he takes a simple “who oh” vocal and he makes it sound so musical. You want to know from which song Metallica took the ending for “Fade To Black” from, then here it is.

“Prisoner” continues the fast blues rock from “Invaders”. The Pre Chorus riffs from Adrian Smith/Dave Murray and the vocal melody are wicked. Make sure you check out the bass playing from Steve Harris and the major key chorus is the embryo for “Wasted Years”. And how good is the whole solo section. Listen to Clive Burr on the drums here.

“22 Acacia Avenue” is one of my favourite tracks. So many different moods and feels.

How good is the “Friday On My Mind” inspired intro?

“15 quid is all she asks for” Dickinson tells us.

And then the song changes from the minute and thirty second mark. It gets more aggressive, more metal like. Then at the three minutes and fifty second mark it changes again. It gets slower while the solos happen. And it builds up again to a new mood, a new groove and some more leads. My favourite part of the song. Especially the last 40 seconds. The band is in their element here, jamming it out to a finale.

Then we get the spoken word intro to “The Number Of The Beast” and that immortal intro riff. At two minutes and thirty seconds, a classic 70’s like riff comes in before it goes into a lead break.

“Run To The Hills” is way overplayed. It’s in that category for me to not listen to again. But if it comes on, I don’t turn it off or skip it. From 2.34, the riff comes in and Bruce starts doing his yeah and ahhs. I guess it’s time to sing along, out of key.

“Gangland” is speed metal. Maybe even thrash metal. A bit of “Overkill” from Motorhead merged with some Thin Lizzy sped up.

And how good is that middle solo section?

“Hallowed By Thy Name” closes the album. For me, one of the best Maiden songs ever. The “Live After Death” is the definitive version, as it is a bit quicker.

“When the priest comes to read me my last rites”.

And with that, I close my eyes and let the music and melodies take me away.

Crank it and the reason why its trending, is because its 39 years old.


10 thoughts on “The Number Of The Beast

  1. NOTB is a time great! Smith delivers some quality riffs and that opening to 22 Acacia Avenue is brilliant. The whole album is epic front to back back to front. Cover and inserts as well. The music and packaging it’s all here.

  2. This might be the only IM album I’ve actually heard. Still don’t own. I will, so don’t shoot me yet. Their deep dive is on my list to do one day (not the next year or two), but will get done.

  3. Prisoner is my fave track. Dickinson’s singing hooks my empathy. Cool musicianship. Didn’t get the Harris / Waysted Years connection yet but maybe on another listen. Something about how the chord progressions sound like makes me hear a bit of what Piggy from Voivod would put in his songs. Maybe it’s that pre chorus you are talking about. It’s difficult to study when I’m caught up in the “feels.”
    Children of the Damned, yeah, that’s a gem. I like the way you had bits to consider about each track. I had a rushed listen of the album just now. Never owned this record. But looked at it a bunch of times. Wondered if Metallica’s Master of Puppets was took any influence from this album’s visual pupetry.
    Killer’s and Live After Death is my IM collection. Haven’t listen to them in ages. My have to the live Hallow’d a listen soon.

    • The live Hallowed is the definitive version of the song as the tempo is right.

      Feels. 100 percent in agreement. That’s what the album is. Each song moves between feels. It’s a very progressive songwriting viewpoint.

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