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Rev Theory

I was listening to “The Rev Theory” today.

I got into em with their 2008 release “Light It Up”. I thought it was their debut album but that happened in 2005 with “Truth Is Currency” which I just heard recently.

Check out the songs “Hell Yeah” (currently at 76 million streams on Spotify), “Broken Bones”, “Wanted Man”, “Ten Years” and “Far From Over”.

Then came the “Justice” album in 2011, a couple of hit and miss EP’s/singles and an album in “The Revelation” in 2016. Some connected and some didn’t, so I sort of lost them afterwards.

It’s just how it is these days. We fall in and out of liking artists who are also competing with the history of music, plus their old hits for our attention.

For me, the 2008 album is what stands the test of time and because of it, I am interested to see what the comes next.


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