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The Ultimate Sin

The people who run the Ozzy Osbourne machine are trying their best to kill “The Ultimate Sin”.

By 1986, the legend of Ozzy Osbourne was growing. After telling the world he wrote the “Bark At The Moon” album with one finger on the piano, the metal community waited with anticipation as to what magic Ozzy’s finger would create for the follow up.

Ozzy was in rehab once again and the people that held it all together were Bob Daisley and Jake E Lee.

So coming into “The Ultimate Sin” album process, the Osbourne camp needed ideas. Jake E. Lee got burned on the song writing credits for the “Bark At The Moon” album, so he demanded a contract up front before he even started writing.

By the time Ozzy came out of rehab, Jake had already compiled 12 songs and half of em ended up on the album.

Apart from “Shot In The Dark” (which is credited to Phil Soussan and Ozzy Osbourne) all of the lyrics on “The Ultimate Sin” are written by Bob Daisley.

Daisley had a falling out and Ozzy fired him.

Of course, the Osbourne’s didn’t credit Daisley for his song writing contributions on the initial 1986 pressing of the album, though this was corrected on subsequent pressings. So there are 500,000 albums out there that don’t credit Bob Daisley.

Daisley and Lee are not their favourite people, but that doesn’t mean you screw em over for their royalties.

Then again, “Shot In the Dark” got the glory as the lead single and is probably the reason why the album is not available on CD anymore depending on who you believe. Overland brothers vs Osbourne, or Soussan vs Osbourne, or Overland vs Soussan.

At one stage in the late 90’s, this album was deleted and you couldn’t get any new copies. One of the Australian mags mentioned it’s because of Sharon Osbourne’s contract disputes with Bob Daisley and Jake E.Lee. Maybe it was the authorship issue of “Shot In The Dark”.

The Ultimate Sin

The drum intro from Castillo sounds like paper skins, but as soon as the riff kicks in from Lee, it’s head banging time.

Check out the solo.

Secret Loser
Killer Of Giants

Both tracks are from Ozzy Osbourne’s forgotten “Ultimate Sin” album released in 1986.

Who remembers the movie “The Wraith”?

Charlie Sheen stars in it, as a person who comes back to life to avenge his death at the hands of a car gang (who got away with the murder). He kills his murderers by racing each gang member to death. Well, “Secret Loser” appears during one such car race and it connected right away with me.

How good is the riff?

Trapped in a lonely body
I’m losing control
Can’t show my emotions
And I’m losing my soul
Could it be that I’m obsessed with feeding my disease
I couldn’t make it known the hidden things no one sees

Daisley was pretty good at writing autobiographical stories of Ozzy. I think this one is no different, especially the line about how Ozzy is obsessed with feeding the disease and in this case, the disease is the persona of Ozzy being constantly intoxicated, drugged out and doing something publicly embarrassing.

I can understand that what you see
You think is real
But underneath the surface is a wound
That cannot heal

It’s almost like being a fly on a wall in a shrink therapy session. Just imagine the big bad rock star with an image of decadence and debauchery breaking down within the confines of four walls and a chair.

“Killer Of Giants” is as good and as classic as “Diary of A Madman” in my view. Musically, it’s excellent. It’s got that acoustic introduction, social and political lyrics courtesy of Bob Daisley, a great chorus and excellent guitar playing from Jake E. Lee, plus a killer vocal melody from Ozzy.

If none of us believe in war
The can you tell me what the weapon’s for
Listen to me everyone
If the button is pushed
There’ll be nowhere left to run

Daisley, grew up with the threat of the button being pushed. For the generation of today, the threat of nuclear war is in the past, forgotten.

Killer of giants threatens us all
Mountains of madness standing so tall
Rising so proudly it has nowhere to fall
This killer of giants

At the moment our leaders are having a war of words with “rogue nations”. While sticks and stones hurt, a barrage of words can undo all truth.

“Lightning Strikes” borrows from Crazy Train and its instantly a favorite.

It’s 35 years old and no re-release has happened. But the fans don’t forget.

It was my entry point to Ozzy.

Play it loud.


27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sin

  1. Henrik says:

    Criminally underrated but the fans don’t forget. A tad punchier production and The Ultimate Sin would have been an instant classic.

    Bittersweet memories from dark winter night in 1986, including murdered PM of Sweden, some friends who have since passed away and a house party where we listened to The Ultimate Sin.

    • Henrik says:

      On a lighter note, The Ultimate Since sealed the deal to go to Monsters of Rock 1986 to see Def Leppard and Ozzy Osbourne. Zero Nine (FIN) opened and Scorpions was headlining. We left in the middle their set to catch a ferry back to Finland.

      Randy Castillo and Jake E. Lee were on fire. Ozzy was just being himself and Phil Soussan delivered rock solid base. Perfect.

      • I’ve seen footage of Jake live during those years. He’s a maniac and I’m surprised he never snapped a neck with the force he used to push down on the neck.

        Catching a ferry back hey. What a journey. Respect.

      • Henrik says:

        This one remains vivid in my memory due to the murder of Olof Palme, which, BTW, has nothing do with us or The Ultimate Sin.

        Back in the day albums were released in Europe following some weird geographical logic. Finland was always the last to get the goodies. Anyway, my mother was on a business trip in Sweden and brought me the album 1-2 weeks before its release date in Finland.

        Late February 1986. My mate threw a house party where we listened everything from Queesnrÿche to Metallica ‘Ride the Lightning’. Somebody mentioned forthcoming Ozzy album. I said my mother already brought it from Sweden. Whoa, go and get it!

        Ultimate Sin become soundtrack of that particular night. At some point, my best friend (RIP) went to buy soft drinks or something from a nearby gas station. He got back and said Olof Palme is shot. Olof, who? Prime minister of Sweden. Okay, let’s play the album one more time.

        So, if I ever need to answer “where were you when you heard Palme was shot”. I was listening to The Ultimate Sin. By the way, Swedes never caught the murderer. Still investigating.

      • Wow what a moment/story and the murderer is still on the loose. I guess he committed the ultimate sin and got away with it.

        I know bad joke.

        Australia had the same geographical problem. Albums would be out in Europe and the US but nothing in Australia for months. In some cases six months. And if we wanted the albums on the same release day as the US or Europe, we had to import their version and pay an import tax.
        Because that was the only way or wait until the Australian release day.

  2. Good album and Jake did get the shaft on BATM. Like Ozzy could have came up with that riff of the title track. lol
    This is a good album and a cool entry point for you into the world of Ozzy.

  3. Man, this was my entry in to Ozzy as well. I love this album. Killer of Giants and Thank God For the Bomb are a couple of my favorites. I pulled this one out and listened to it last week. I probably pull it out several times in a year. Great stuff. Oh yeah, I have one of the versions that does NOT credit Daisley.

    • I have it on CD and Vinyl and they both credit Daisley. Love this tracks and add Secret Loser, The Ultimate Sin and Lightning Strikes. Great guitar playing on all of em and they capture all of the great things of Jakes techniques

  4. Bubba Guitar says:

    Good call on Ultimate Sin, very good album, better than “Bark at the Moon” in my humble opinion. Jake E. Lee is great guitarist who really hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves, he’s kind of forgotten in the Ozzy world of guitarists. His post-Ozzy band Badlands kicked ass w/ it’s raw, dirtier sound. But back to Ultimate Sin, I especially agree about “Killer of Giants”, it’s an epic, multi-layered classic. It’s interesting how Ozzy had other bandmates who wrote majority of the lyrics he sang, Geezer in Sabbath, Daisley here. Not very common, guess he was too busy indulging to be bothered writing lyrics, lol…

    I have radio show on cyber station here in NYC & one of my recent shows I played “Killer of Giants” & got a bunch of luv from listeners for it. It’s a shame this album has gotten the black sheep treatment for whatever the reason. Definitely deserves it’s place in the Ozzy pantheon. I have it on vinyl & still come back to it & give it a spin every now & then also. I gotta go check & see if Daisley’s credited or not on mine.

    • Well here is some more luv for Killer Of Giants. Thanks for commenting.

      It’s okay for singers to have other band members writing lyrics. Peart did it for Rush. The difference is that they gave the proper credit whereas the Osbourne camp do not give the proper credit.

      Definitely agree on Badlands. Those two albums are favorites of mine.

    • I don’t think a lot of em are getting reissued because of those disputes over authorship.

      So if you have the original run LP, then that’s it.

      If they remaster BATM, even though Jake was shafted on the credits, they still have to compensate him for his performance fee. And Daisley and Aldridge.

      • Maybe. What is the point then? I think most fans respect the artist greater when they give the song writer their dues. I’ll always have Clapton’s respect for making sure someone like Skip James got the royalties for I’m So Glad. Led Zeppelin… no so much, lol

      • Good call on Clapton.

        But There’s heaps of artists who shortchange other band members or contributors.

        Sting claims all the royalties for Every Breath as he’s listed as the songwriter (which he should as he wrote the basis of the song) but Andy Summers created the iconic palm muted arpeggio riff based on the bass notes Sting played on the demo. So when that arpeggio riff is sampled, Sting cashes in. Not Andy Summers.

        Yeah Led Zep operated in a time when Copyright law was very different to what it is now. States had their own laws and they all differed. That’s why the big shift happened in 76 with the countries main governments passing new laws. So all the Zep songs from 76 onwards didn’t get challenged for authorship.

  5. Ken Taylor says:

    LOVE THESE ALBUMS!! Jake is on fire. your so right on the disrespect the Ozzy camp shows to the Jake era, to the point in the Ozzy documentary God Bless Ozzy when he walks out of the room while those film clips are playing!! but you do have to hand in to Gus G for putting Killer of Giants back in the set list for that short time
    anyway found this the other day and was so surprised to see it on Youtube.

    • Henrik says:

      Was it Gus G who persuaded Ozzy to put it back? Huge thanks to him. They played The Ultimate Sin, Killer of Giants and Shot in the Dark as part of Ozzy & Friends concept in Helsinki 2012. We left the venue once Zakk Wylde stepped in and started his dated pinch harmonics routines.

      Coincidentally we were staying in the same hotel with the band. After a few drinks it was time to hit the sack. I saw a long haired guy in the corridor, speaking English to the maid or room service. Recognized him and thanked for a terrific gig. I wish I would have known Gus G’s input when composing the setlist.

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