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The Record Vault – The Beatles

I don’t own a lot of music from The Beatles.

This single was passed down to me from my brothers. I have this and an expensive guitar book (for the times) which my 80s guitar teacher asked me to buy. He then proceeded to photocopy it while teaching me some stuff here and there. I guess I got duped.

I’m not sure how it all worked but there was the parent LP, also called “Beatles For Sale” and then separate EP’s released.

Cash grab. Maybe.

Regardless it’s a great 4 song knockout combo.

“No Reply” is a great pop song and “I’m A Loser” would work well in Metal circles, purely for its lyrics and how people viewed Metal heads as losers.

“Eight Days A Week” is another pop rock song.

Now this EP has a different song list to the one mentioned on Wikipedia.

On my one, it’s a Buddy Holly cover with “Words Of Love” while on the other versions it’s a Chuck Berry cover with “Rock And Roll Music”.

Both are great songs.


4 thoughts on “The Record Vault – The Beatles

  1. They had some good stuff and when CD’s came into my world back in the late 80s I snapped a few titles up.
    When I saw McCartney live back in 89 he played the second side pretty much of Abbey Road which I thought was a great move.

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