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November 2020 – Part 7

Jesper Binzer

It came up on my Twitter feed from a few months ago and the people I follow just kept talking about, so I spent time with it in November.

And I was surprised.

If you don’t know who Jesper Binzer is, and I had to google this as well, he’s the singer from D-A-D. This is his second solo album. I’m not a huge fan of D-A-D, however I am a fan of this album. Its classic rock, rooted in the blues.

My favourite song is “The Heart Will Find Its Way” which is more in vein of the melodic rock that happened in the 90’s with a bit of a grunge influence.

Yeah, I was quiet, wouldn’t say a word
I didn’t know how to begin

You know those moments when your partner senses something is wrong and keeps asking “what’s wrong” and you don’t know how to explain it. So you say, “nothing” and stare off into the distance.

Your head is telling you lies
When you say I’m not your guy
I know the heart will find its way

At the moment I make 22 years married. It’s been up and down, more so when the kids were young and taking up a lot of time and i was sleep deprived. But we find ways through those moments because the heart always finds a way.

The same way up and the same way down
Your fingers count my faults


Who hasn’t been there?

I’ve had the finger fault count used against me.


They are a three piece band from England and “What I Have Found Is Already Lost” is the album. I like a band who writes good lyrics and their music lives in an area that many would call “genre hopping”. There are classic rockers, modern rockers, pop songs, progressive rock songs, acoustic songs and so much more on this album.

“Adrenalin” kicks off with its ragged, polyrhythm riff. You can even hear a bit of “Achilles Last Stand” in this.

I met a man who said he knew the day I would die

Do we really want to know when that day would be?

Would we live our lives any different

We love to sleep when it’s pouring down to the sound of rain

“Sound Of Rain” is a great pop rock song. And who doesn’t want to stay in bed when it’s raining.

“If There’s Any Reason” is one of those Collective Soul/Lifehouse style tracks I like.

“Cry For Help” has a digital delay arpeggio riff which reminds me of U2, a guitar melody that keeps repeating which reminds me of Muse and a vocal line that reminds me of Snow Patrol. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album. “Defend” has this Soundgarden and Pearl Jam musical vibe. “Coming Out Alive” is a cross between Snow Patrol, Coldplay and Radiohead.

“These Are The Thoughts” sounds like a cross between Rush and “Achilles Last Stand” from Led Zep with a Chris Cornell vocal melody. Its aggressive and I like it. The title track “What I Have Found Is Already Lost” is a Muse/Radiohead like ballad.

Jas Morris is an excellent vocalist and guitarist. Magazines still exist and I read on the net that he was voted Guitarist Magazine’s Guitarist of the Year. His brother Dan is on bass and keyboards. Drums on the album are played by Dan Collings however he’s been replaced by Robin Shute.

I’m really interested.

When Rivers Meet

I don’t even know how I came across this band, but they play a brand of rock which reminds me of John Fogerty. Case in point is “Bound For Nowhere”. The verses came straight from a John Fogerty album, but with a Chorus that’s more hard rock than blues rock.

So I wanted to know more.

From the UK, this is their first album, on the back of the two EP’s. Guitarist Aaron Bond and singer Grace Bond are the core of the group. The same surnames are because of marriage.

“Walking On The Wire” has slide guitar and a lot of lyrical lines about a fortunate son. “Breaker Of Chains” continues the John Fogerty style of blues soul rock.

“Battleground” feels like cut from “The Smashing Pumpkins” and their “Mellon Collie” album. “Take Me To The River” has this “Life In The Fast Lane” blues vibe.

Ashen Reach

The opening riff from “Fighting For My Life” reminds me of Disturbed, but its more hard rock than metal once the vocals come in. I pressed saved and I followed the band on Spotify.

I was in.

The album is called “Homecoming”.

Check it out.


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