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Hello Darkness

“Hello Darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again”.

My brother was recently singing these words after hearing the lyrics in an Arrow TV episode. He didn’t care much for music or songs, so it was a surprise to hear him sing these lyrics or even remember them.

And then, just like that, I lost him to a brain aneurysm on Friday. He collapsed at home, had a massive bleed in the brain and by the time he was in hospital, he was on life support.

The Dr’s didn’t sugarcoat it. They said he’s gonna die, and for some insane reason I thought of “Die With Your Boots On” from Maiden.

Music always gets me through.

Once they turned off all the machines, he didn’t even last an hour.

51 years old. And it’s his 52nd birthday on Wednesday.

“The Sound Of Silence” has taken on a new meaning.

My bro always had a joke in him about death.

He would say to me, “make sure, Pete, there is a mobile phone, fully charged, put in the coffin with me, just in case I wake up and need to call for help.”

Or he wanted his face painted like a scary clown so he could freak people out at the viewing.

And he said to me to make sure a certain song is played at his funeral.

“Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?”

“No way, get fucked, fuck off.”

He was the ultimate shit stirrer. I’m gonna miss him.

Rest In Peace bro.


10 thoughts on “Hello Darkness

  1. Really sorry to hear about your Bro’s passing Pete. I hope you and your family can find some comfort at this time. Awesome to read that he had a wicked sense of humor.
    Take care..


  2. So sorry for your loss, Pete. A brain aneurysm is what took my Dad. He was only 63. It is terrible how quickly they take them. One day they’re here and the next they are gone. No chance to say goodbye. It sounds like your brother was a fun guy to be around.

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