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Radiation Romeos

I was writing a post on 1985 as part of my yearly series and the band Warrior came up. I’m a fan of Paramore McCarty on vocals.

He did the album “Fighting For The Earth” in 1985 and then was in label limbo land, until he got the vocalist gig for Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys. The aggressive melodic rock and over the top Vinnie Vincent style of guitar playing really got me into the band. But when a label throws millions at a release, they want a return on those millions and more. And that didn’t happen. So Atomic Playboys got dropped.

And McCarty disappeared for a long time. I now know via Wikipedia that he went back to Warrior and did a few more albums with them.

And then he sort of disappeared again.

But in 2017, he resurfaced with a new band called “Radiation Romeos”. If the words sound familiar to you, they should, as they are lyrics in the “Atomic Playboys” song. And the song “Radiation Romeos” is a derivative cut of the “Atomic Playboys” and by far the best rocker on the album which is basically a new take on an old sound.

“Ocean Drive” is a slower melodic rocker, more anthemic and 80’s influenced. “Promised Land” is a cross between a Dio cut and Gary Moore, think “Egypt The Chains Are On” and “Blood Of Emeralds”. “Til The End Of Time” is another melodic rocker which is cool for a listen and “On The Tight Rope” could come from an AC/DC album.

Only one album has been released on Frontiers and I’m not sure if anymore will come.


There has to be money in music and streaming, because Frontiers wouldn’t be throwing money at artists to get them to write and record for them. They have been a very prolific record label.


Then again, the money is in holding the copyrights for songs for the life of the artist plus 70 years after death. In some countries its 90 years.


4 thoughts on “Radiation Romeos

  1. I purchased that Atomic Playboys and I just did not take to it. Maybe now would be the time to revisit that one as originally when it came out there was so much hard rock coming out.

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