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The Record Vault – Candlebox

Self-Titled debut

I was late to the party on these guys. 

Guitar World and Guitar For The Practicing Musician had guitar tabs of the songs “Far Behind”, You”, “Cover Me” and “Change”. And I learned em without listening to the song and I liked what I heard.

I read the reviews in the U.S mags who gave it good reviews and how they have become Madonna’s darlings as their label Maverick Records is owned/run by Madonna and her team. The band basically put Maverick Records on the map as they were the first successful act on the label which signed Deftones and Alanis Morissette later. 

Peter Klett on guitars really knows how to decorate a song with his little melodic riffs and licks. Just listen to “Far Behind” and how he takes a stock standard chord progression of G, Em, C, D (like “Stand By Me”) and really decorates it with diads, arpeggios, hammer ons/pull offs and single note licks to make it sound unique.

Happy Pills

This is their third album.

One song, “Sometimes” defines this album for me. It’s that good, I had it on repeat consistently.

I’ve written about the song before.

You can read it here. 


8 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Candlebox

  1. Actually Pete I read back than the debut Candlebox album was outselling Madonna’s album out tat the same time lol
    That debut was quite good. Some good riffing on there

    • Totally agree on the debut. So many good songs on it. Nice to be outselling your owner. They had problems with Maverick and the third album was delayed because of those problems. The usual deal of a band not getting paid what they believe they should because when they sign their first deal they are in a shit bargaining positioning and it becomes successful so they want to renegotiate but the label refuses to do so.

  2. I was late to these guys as well. Sort of. I remember liking the debut, but never got in to them. When they released their last album a few years back, I loved it and then explored their catalog and I pretty much love all of it. Underrated band!!

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