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Progress Is Derivative

Coney Hatch released “Friction” in 1985.

The song “Monkey Bars” has a riff and vocal melody that sounds like a Beatsie Boys tune called “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” which came out in 1986.

Kingdom Come released their self titled debut in 1988.

“Get It On”, takes the entire chord progression from “Kashmir” and “What Love Can Be” takes from “Since I’ve been loving You” and “The Rain Song”.

Bon Jovi released Slippery When Wet” in 1986 and Desmond Child just took the music and melodies of a song he wrote for Bonnie Tyler called “If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)” and used it for “You Give Love A Bad Name”. Then Belinda Carlisle and her team came out with “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” a year later.

Basically be influenced and take what came before and make it better.


5 thoughts on “Progress Is Derivative

  1. Coney Hatch is one of my fav acts ever! I had the chance to meet them last November. Rumour for years saying that Kim Mitchell played the solo not Steve Shelski. Mitchell has said that Steve played it and not him.
    Mitchell produced the debut.

      • I think it was Shelski. Coney had bad luck as in 83 Outta Hand came out the same day as Pyromania and both acts were on the same label. We all know who got the push from the label.
        Friction over time, 34 years may just be my favourite of the three albums.
        Max Norman gave them a hard time and caused Friction so to speak. Making Andy only sing one tune usually when he sang 4 tunes on the albums and butting heads constantly throughout which is what they did on Outta Hand that Norman produced as well.
        Carl wrote a book a few years back which was a real good read about the industry. ‘Strange Way To Make A Living”

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