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Banali and WASP

It’s his work with Blackie Lawless that I really like as it covers some of my favorite WASP albums.

“The Headless Children” released in 1989, “The Crimson Idol” released in 1992, “Still Not Black Enough” released in 1995, “Unholy Terror” released in 2001, “Dying for the World” released in 2002 and “The Neon God: Part 1 – The Rise” released in 2004 are some of WASPs best releases.

And Bob Kulick who has left for the great gig in the sky appears on quite a few of em as well.

Check out “The Headless Children”. Banali’s drum groove in the intro came straight from the depths of hell in its intensity and power.

It feels like the song is built on the drum pattern. And the piece d resistance is from 4.12. I call it the Iron Maiden section.

Listen to it and be moved by it.

And “The Real Me” introduced the drum fills that would give Stet Howland a bad name. Is it really Howland’s fault or Keith Moon’s since “The Real Me” is a cover?

On “The Crimson Idol”, Banali provides the drumming on the actual songs and Howland provides drum fill percussion on each song.

Check out the power of “Doctor Rockter”.

The same deal is worked out for the follow up “Still Not Black Enough” but this time Howland is credited as the percussionist. And Blackie more or less rewrote “The Crimson Idol”.

Check out the restraint and build on “Scared To Death”.

In 2001, “Unholy Terror” came out and Banali plays on five tracks. Check out “Charisma” and the Kashmir style groove laid down.

Check out “My Wicked Heart” from “Dying For The World” in 2002 for some epic drumming.

And “The Neon God Part 1” released in 2004 closed his WASP career. My favorite is the ballad “What I’ll Never Find”.

Rest In Peace.


6 thoughts on “Banali and WASP

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Great drummer and yes killed it in the WASP camp, THC, he drove that album and turned that band around on that album. After his passing i watched his documentary and him and QR, interesting lol but worth the watch, but most oddly he mentions WASP once, and not in a great light

    • Hey Ken
      Thanks for checking in. How is Melbourne lockdown treating ya?
      I’m reading a Book on WASP and man, not a lot of ex members have a lot of nice things to say about Blackie. So….
      And I 100 percent agree that THC was driven by some powerhouse drumming courtesy of Mr Banali.

      • Ken Taylor says:

        Hey mate, its not the greatest here but we are getting through it, working from home a few days a week gives me time to catch up on your blog, lol so expect a million comments coming your way!
        May I ask what the book is called? would much rather ready Blackie’s book but doubt we will get one, he did do a journal on Facebook sometime ago
        One more thing you should look into the deal QR signed for the Metal Health album, they go zero! nothing from an album that sold 10 Million. and then read the the story on Blabbermouth(hate that site) on James Lomenzo, and then read the comments, you will be shocked by how good most of the comments are

      • Wasp – Sting In The Tail
        It’s on Apple Books and i got it for 4.99 or 3.99. I can’t remember.
        Cool I gotta little research project happening. I’ll do some digging.
        Keep the comments coming and cool to hear your doing okay.

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