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The Record Vault – Phil Collins

Three portraits. Phil really liked keeping the album cover simple.

Face Value

Released in 1981.

One song.

“In The Air Tonight”.

The way it percolates until it explodes with the drums. Brilliant.

Then there is “The Roof Is Leaking” a sombre piano ballad which moves into “Droned” which is a piano instrumental and it sounds like it could have come from an Alan Parsons album.

“I Missed Again” has a horn lead break which works as a lead guitar line and the album has a psychedelic version of “Tomorrow Never Knows” from The Beatles with horns and phasers.

No Jacket Required

Released in 1985

It’s like Soul Rock and I like Collins when his also bluesy with a touch of rock.

The “hit songs” on this album are not my favourites. The brass instruments are just too much for me on those. But with any Collins release, there is always something to sink your ears into.

“Long Long Way To Go” is a favourite. It’s the mood and the repeating guitar/synth lick.

Then there is “I Don’t Wanna Know” which is a melodic rock masterpiece, with a great outro guitar solo.

“Don’t Lose My Number” reminds me of Marillion for some reason. It has a feel that Marillion would explore later on when they changed vocalists.

“Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore” has this driving beat to kick it off before it subdues in the verses, but the drums still roll on.

But Seriously

Released in 1989.

It was number 1 everywhere and Phil Collins couldn’t do no wrong. As a solo artist, he was having hits. With Genesis, he was having hits. Writing songs for movies, he was having hits.

Two songs define this album.

The blues/gospel influenced “I Wish It Would Rain Down” with the mighty Eric Clapton on lead guitar. That outro with Clapton trading pentatonic lead breaks with Collins vocals, is just brilliant.

And the other track is “Another Day in Paradise” which deals with homelessness which Queensryche also touched on with their “Empire” album and their song “Della Brown”.

“That’s Just The Way It Is” is a great title. The subdued nature of the song is what interested me and Collins delivers an R&B style vocal. Many years later I found out it’s an anti-war ballad about The Troubles in Northern and it became a favourite.

And that folks is my Phil Collins experience.


7 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Phil Collins

  1. Uncle Phil was a money making machine back in the 80s between solo and Genesis.
    Collins was overplayed to death here in Canada at the time so he bothered me lol. Now I respect him a ton.
    I’ve mellowed somewhat!

  2. Phil is back on the charts with “In The Air Tonight” thanks to the the two kids on YouTube who listened to the song for the first time and taped their reactions to the song as they heard it. Crazy stuff.

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