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The Record Vault – Collective Soul

It all happened backwards for me with Collective Soul.


It started off with “Run” from the “Dosage” album released in 1999. I overdosed on this song. I saw it in a movie, “Varsity Blues” and it was perfect for the scene, and it connected. “Heavy” is another go to track which I dig, with a nice bendy wah solo.

Disciplined Breakdown

Then I went back and purchased “Disciplined Breakdown” and I was listening to “Forgiveness” none stop.

And I was picking up the guitar to learn “Precious Declaration” with its “Walk This Way” like riff. “Listen” also has an iconic guitar riff and Ed Roland doesn’t get the dues he deserves as a riff meister.

And the title track, what a riff.

Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid

And I heard “Shine” when it came out in 1994/5 and I didn’t like it. It was all over radio and music Television. It was just too much.

But hearing it 1999/2000, I was a fan. I don’t remember anything else from this album, except “Shine” and that riff, and it was enough.

Because in the space of six months, I had three albums from Collective Soul.


8 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Collective Soul

  1. Check out the self titled one Pete from 95. It has been reissued and John Snow received it in the mail this past Saturday (kinda).
    C.S has had a great run on rock radio where they are frequently played. One band who has continuously come through town when they put stuff out. So I give em props for that.

  2. I love CS Pete! One of my favorites. They have reissued the first two albums on vinyl and Hints came on Saturday except it was actually Nina Simone, Hints is now set to come today. The self-titled one hasn’t shipped yet and I am sad. It better come this week or I am cancelling and running out to my local store to get it.

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