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10 YEARS – “The Shift”

We go from silence to sirens
Without a space between
We are a violent virus
Without a remedy

You can’t catch your breath these days. The news cycle is getting shorter and shorter. What’s hot today is forgotten tomorrow.

Is anyone talking about Naya, or Maxwell/Epstein?

Jovi dropped a new song and no one cared.

That new album that the artist spent months writing and just released is over within a week. Or maybe not. Maybe the usual information sources don’t know how to report what is hot.

“Lyrically, it’s about the polarization of society and the human impact on the earth itself. We were thinking about how humans can be a virus to the Earth. Everything is so political. Everyone is angry at each other. We’re better when we come together.”
Guitarist Brian Vodinh

Is there a way to stop the bleeding?

Maybe we need an invasion from an alien species to get us to work together to survive like in “War Of The World’s.”

Anyone seen that new series?

A British/French production based on the “War Of The Worlds” story. But done differently. Very differently.

All that we’ve managed to make
Is just a comfortable cage
Oh god
I gotta get out
Get out
Get out of this place

Remember songs like “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”. Everyone wanted to leave their city limits behind and move somewhere bigger and brighter.

Now we don’t want to move out of home. Kids are staying with their parents for longer and are okay to drive their parents cars. As a parent myself I ha be no issue with this. Humans thrive in tribes.

“While in the studio last fall, we were looking at the state of the world as we wrote ‘The Shift’,”. As a society, we’re so distracted that we’re not united. You can pick a side, but we’re sitting in the same realm.”
Singer Jesse Hasek

People don’t have time to care. They are pushing boulders up hills just to stay alive and to keep their standard of living. They have no time to care about anything else.

“It bothers me when people don’t try to push themselves to enjoy what life has to offer. Life is beautiful, if you really go for it and try. It can show you beauty“
Singer Jesse Hasek

It’s the whole growth mindset, 10,000 hours industry. To grow and fulfill your potential, you need to keep learning, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, stretching yourself and failing and learning and repeating.


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