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The Record Vault – Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey

I purchased it for the Megadeth track, “Go To Hell”. I’m not sure if Mustaine was having a piss take towards Metallica with the “Now I lay me down to sleep” section of the song because I think that first minute was all about that as the actual song “Go To Hell” begins from about 1.10 minutes.

If I only knew then, that I would have “Go To Hell” on other Megadeth Compilations, I would have used my money differently on this, because I already had the Kiss track, “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II”, “Dream Of A New Day” by Richie Kotzen and “The Perfect Crime” by Faith No More.

I don’t remember how “Shout it Out” by Slaughter and “Battle Stations” from Winger sounded. Same deal for “Tommy The Cat” by Primus (who I remember played themselves in the movie) and “Juniors Gone Wild” by King’s X, which I tried to call up on Spotify to listen to, but hey, it’s not there, the same deal with “Battle Stations” from Winger.

I was surprised by “Drinking Again” from Neverland and “Showdown” from Love on Ice brings blanks.

So yeah, not the best soundtrack.


8 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey

  1. Not a bad soundtrack. I have the Kiss 12″ Single which is a picture disc of this cover. It has the King’s X song and the Slaughter song on it as well. It will be up in the Kiss review in probably 6 months since it is much later in their catalog.

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