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Watching Concerts

I was telling the kids about going to concerts and experiencing it with your eyes and ears only. There was no smartphones and no one really brought in a camera. And the bands looked enthused to be playing in front of you, because it felt like the musicians enjoyed visiting different parts of the world.

And artists didn’t scalp their own tickets, and there wasn’t any seats, just people in general admission and someone from the back could make their way to the front. Prices were all the same.

Then seats came into the picture and so did price tiers. But no one really sat down in their seats, everybody stood and you no longer could move to the left or to the right to get a clear line of sight, because your seat number ticket didn’t allow you to. Unless you were in the stands. The elevation was good enough to get a clear line of sight, but if the person in front of you stood, then you had to stand and that had a flow on effect.

But as time passed, the behaviours of people changed and they started to watch the concert sitting down, especially in the stands. And they held out their phones and watched it through the small screen, while they filmed it.

But you’re at a rock show, goddamn it.

Not at a cinema. 

Rant over and my kids looked at me, like, geez, what’s up with Dad!!


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