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In the last couple of years, everything we knew has changed. The tech heads who we pledged our loyalty and private information to, stopped innovating and started protecting their riches, selling out data and search/like histories to everyone and anyone.

Remember the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data breach.

It’s old news now. Irrelevant. That’s how quickly we move on.

And then comes a company called Clearview who builds a database of peoples faces which can track where that face appeared by using cameras in streets, shops and traffic lights.

Sounds scary right.

But the scary part is that, we the public, willingly gave em our faces and we didn’t even know we were doing it, because of our social media accounts or tags from other social media accounts that didn’t haven’t their privacy set high.

And the biggest topic before COVID-19 was climate change. It got that big that grown adult men felt threatened and decided to make fun of Greta Thunberg.

But Michael Moore has brought that topic back in the conversation with his latest documentary. Moore definitely knows how to stir up shit. But that was last week’s news, it doesn’t even rate a mention today.

And what side are we on for COVID-19?

Are we on the “health before the economy” side or the “economy before health” side.

The Governments are really about the economy and if people die, so be it, it’s all collateral damage.

How will live music return to the masses?

You can’t really practice social distancing and one person per 4 metres square in a live venue.

Bryan Adams went on a Twitter meltdown because he couldn’t do his residency and Brent Smith from Shinedown wants to tour because he’s healthy and eats right and he’s telling his fans to do the same. And if they do, they will be fine in the venue together and not get Coronavirus. Umm, yeah.

And the U.S via Trump are getting a lot of press around the world for the wrong reason. And he keeps calling it the China Flu.

Do people even know that the Spanish Flu started in a farm in Kansas, USA and was then spread to the local garrison there and then spread all around the world by US troop movements during WWI?

It was a U.S flu.

And even back then the leaders of the U.S failed to acknowledge it, and they put economics before public health. It didn’t turn out too well did it.

And I never thought in my lifetime I’ll see a pandemic. But I have.

And music still lives. It thrives. Because of digital distribution. And if that stops I still would have my collection.

So read critically, read from different sources and make up your mind that way, because our leaders are not the ones to trust.


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