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The Pirate Vault #9

Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time / Annihilator – Never, Neverland

I taped the “Somewhere In Time” album with Side 2 first and Side 1 second, because I didn’t want the 45 minute per side constraint to cut off “Alexander The Great”. I preferred that song over “Heaven Can Wait”.

“Never, Neverland” is the follow up to “Alice In Hell” and although each song on the album has some good guitar sections, it’s patchy overall.

Night Ranger / Deep Purple / Queen

This mix tape was done based on songs I liked at a particular point in time. I recorded it at my cousins place.

Halfway To The Sun, I Did It For Love, Reason To Be, Restless Kind

I didn’t like the “Man In Motion” album. But the songs listed here are what I would call my favorites. More musically than lyrically.

Like check out these masterpiece lyrics from “Halfway To The Sun” which was more suited for Motley Crue or Aerosmith.

So take them overdone lips
And that million dollar smile
And go use them up on some younger pup
That’ll spend his time and money on your style

They went their separate ways in the 80s.

Jack Blades teamed up with Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent, bringing us two stellar albums Damn Yankees. Along the way Shaw and Blades wrote a lot of songs for other artists as well. One of my favorites is the Vince Neil track, “You’re Invited But Your Friend Can’t Come”.

“Burn” and “Mistreated”, I copied because they are awesome songs and I wanted to learn em.

Queen really came into my life in the 90s because of a few random things.

My cousin Mega was a huge fan and he kept playing me their more rockier songs.

“I Want It All” released in 1989, was all over the charts in Australia and then it kept getting played on radio.

Metallica covered “Stone Cold Crazy” in 1991 and it blew me away.

Lynch Mob covered “Tie Your Mother Down” in 1992 and it also blew me away. Suddenly I’m going back and listening to Queen.

The Prophet Song” is from the “A Night At The Opera” album. It’s a blast at 8 plus minutes. I felt like I was in a “Conan The Barbarian” movie. Savatage would take this style and run with it, during the Zachary Stevens fronted era.

Lily Of The ValleyTenement Funster, Flick Of The Wrist, Stone Cold Crazy

All of these songs are from the excellent “Sheer, Sheet Heart Attack”. If you like rock and metal music, there is no way you can’t like this album.

Rocktober Radio Recordings

Triple M was one hell of a radio station once upon a time. And from the late 90s and onwards, it morphed to just another radio station that played the same as most of the other stations. Even the presenters had no rock credibility anymore. But once upon a time it was a bonafide rock station. October also brought forth Rocktober at Triple M.

Don’t Tell Me What To Do – Baby Animals

Suzi DeMarchi is one awesome frontwoman. I saw the band live at Revesby Workers and man they could play.

For those who don’t know DeMarchi was also married to Nuno Bettencourt.

This song is the first single from their second studio album, “Shaved And Dangerous” released in 1993. DeMarchi and Bettencourt also wrote a song together for this album and Nuno even produced and wrote a few songs for her “Telelove” solo album released in 1999. I like this album more than the debut but it’s the debut that keeps selling.

The Flame Trees – Cold Chisel

This is their best song. It’s melancholic and hopeful at the same time.

Sister Havana – Urge Overkill

One hit wonders with this song, which has a riff similar to songs like “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova and “Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield.

Personally I liked it and it rocked hard during an 90s era that tried to kill rock.

Soul To Squeeze – RHCP

It was a B side from their massive “BSSM” album. Then it was released as a single and it went massive. You can’t keep a good song down.

Why Can’t This Be Love (Live), Dreams (Live) by Van Halen

These tracks were taken from their live album. It was very rare in the 90s for radio stations to play live songs.

Janies Got A Gun (Live), Rag Doll (Live), Love In The Elevator (Live), Dude Look Like A Lady (Live) by Aerosmith

Aerosmith songs were recorded during an Oz tour I think. The band is firing on all cylinders here, delivering songs from their two biggest 80s albums.

Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

I saw these guys on an MTV awards show and the songs music, and melodies connected immediately because it reminded me of the 70s acts.

Are You Going My Way, Believe by Lenny Kravitz

“Are You Going My Way” was overplayed. It went to Number 1 in Australia. My favorite is the ballad and the outro solo to “Believe” is brilliant.

Twisted Sister – Big Hits And Nasty Cuts / Def Leppard – Retroactive

I don’t know why I felt the need to copy the Twisted Sister “Greatest Hits” album to a cassette. But I did.

“Retroactive” from Def Leppard is excellent. “Desert Song” and “Fractured Love” are two of my favorites and they have Steve Clark all over em.

These unfinished songs from the “Hysteria” recording sessions, show how creative an artist is at certain points in time. The guys in Def Leppard wrote over three albums worth of music for “Hysteria”.


16 thoughts on “The Pirate Vault #9

  1. Alan Black says:

    Some good choices. Though I played that Annhilator ‘Never, Neverland’ album to death when it came out and for me it was them at the top of their game.

    • There are songs and certain sections that just blow me away on Never Neverland. For example, the opening track The Fun Palace is perfect from start to finish. A perfect thrash metal song. Actually the first five songs are more or less perfect.

  2. Ken Taylor says:

    Once again, another great read, spot on with Heaven Can Wait, they always played it live and I hated it!, but I must say the ending is very good!! There’s a band called Night Demon, they cover We Will Rock You, best I have ever heard!!(see link below, also a great fun 80’s band). Urge Overkill, please check out Exit the Dragon, it’s a great album with one bad song, in saying this was when I had long hair and smoked a lot of pot! Lol

      • It’s very Rolling Stones like.. that’s the vibe I’m getting from it.

        I’m really digging “Honesty Files”.

        Plus “And You’ll Say”. That intro/verse riff is excellent.

      • Ken Taylor says:

        They have some great riffs, Night Demon also have a new ish live album out thats very solid from start to finish for a three peice, also if your inot to a covers sort of day, Puddle of Mudd have an album out called. Re:(disc)overed, it suprised me how good it is, some really great classic songs on it, done well

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