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Feels Like The First Time

It’s from Foreigner’s debut album. No one knew Mick Jones until this track dropped. No one knew the pipes on Lou Gramm until this track dropped.

Released in 1977, no one was sure if disco was ending or rock was starting.

How good is the intro?

The guitar riff kicks in and then the bass guitar kicks in, syncopated with the bass drum?

“Running With The Devil” from VH comes to mind as doing something similar.

And that musical section from about 1.50 to 2.20. The change of dynamics, it’s progressive, and then there is an open string lick which moves chromatically.

There is also a demo version of this song on Spotify. It’s totally worth the listen because the main riff is played on an acoustic guitar. Yep, that’s one thing that a lot of the 70’s acts had over future generations. The songs they wrote, worked on acoustic or were originally written on acoustic guitars.

And the album has some songs which are forgotten, but they rock as hard as anything I have heard.

A song like “Starrider” would work on any Deep Purple/Rainbow/Whitesnake album. Even on an Y&T or Scorpions album. “The Damage Is Done” has this outro solo ending that reminds me of Santana or even “Winds Of Change” from Y&T. “At War With The World” could have come from a Rush album. There is so much variety on this album. It’s a shame that the first two cuts ruled everything…

Did I mention that “Cold As Ice” is also on this album?

Check out the debut.


7 thoughts on “Feels Like The First Time

  1. The debut and 4 are my two fav Foreigner albums. People focus on the mid 80s Fluff this band put out but when they wanted to they could crank it up.

  2. Ken Taylor says:

    Just jumped on the the live DVD, Double Vision!
    First half is the new band with Mike Jones on guitar, it rocks!!!
    Second half the original line up, apart from Lou Gramm looking like a leader from the Scientolgy Cult!, its pretty good, but the first half does it for me, changing the arrangements and ends, I love that in live music

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