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COVID-19 Saga

COVID-19 is not of this lifetime. It’s like a comeback world tour that keeps hitting cities and countries, but this one will change a lot of things, after it ends.

For me, all football activities in the state are suspended up until the 14th April. Which is the school holidays and the kids don’t play during the break so in reality, these activities are suspended up until 1 May.

I’m also working from home for the next two weeks so the people in the office can spread out and practice social distancing.

And we’ve all received emails in our inboxes from the businesses we’ve subscribed to telling us what they are doing to contain the virus. Like those poor cinema complexes who kept complaining about streaming services and lobbied hard to have streaming services banned from the Oscars.

And if you follow entertainment news, you’ve probably read how Universal will put their latest release movies on a pay-per-view while they’re still in theatres. And Universal was very vocal against Netflix. You don’t hear Netflix having issues with COVID-19.

Funny how the need to make money removes the imaginary barriers the movie studios always put in place. Because when there are hardly no cinemas open to show movies, and people are thinking of their lives and health first, movies at cinemas become forgotten. But movies on streaming services don’t become forgotten.

Maybe virtual concerts is the way to go but loud distorted music never really translated well on the small computer speakers.

And you can’t make money from these concerts but you can indulge your fans, who will find ways to support you.

Either way it’s unprecedented and we wait each day for what comes next.


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