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Get Out Of Here

This one is written by Phil Lynott and Ultravox vocalist, Midge Ure.

I used to be a dreamer
But I realise that it’s not my style at all
In fact it becomes clearer
That a dreamer doesn’t stand a chance at all

Get out of here
Get out of here

We all wanted to leave our towns behind and head for the bright lights in the city. These days, kids don’t want to leave home. They are comfortable and comfort is a problem. But the parents are happy to have them home, even if we complain about them being home.

Because no wants to be lonely and parents are known to break up once the kids move out because they realize they have nothing in common anymore.

And the family plays a big part in decisions.

My grandfather told my father that if he left to go to Australia, he was going to kill the whole family that remained. I know, pretty drastic and my dad said he was scared for his brothers and sisters and his mum. But he left anyway, because Dad said, if he didn’t leave, he would have lived someone else’s life and not his. To him, that felt like death.

So my Dad left, while peers of my Dad, in the same predicament, stayed. Because in European culture, once upon a time, the eldest was meant to take over the household, and my Dad was the eldest. By coming to Australia, he broke centuries of tradition.

And my Dad felt stifled in post war, Communist Europe. He did his military service, got his ticket to leave and he was taking it, even though it was risky and out of his comfort zone and so far away from the only home he has ever known.

And he never returned until 2008, almost 40 years from when he left.

But if you let others influence your decision, then those dreams you have, don’t stand a chance at all. You will never get out of living someone else’s life.


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