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Never Gonna Die

Choirboys is an Australian band, formed in 1976 on the Northern Beaches. By 1983, they had a record deal with Albert Productions, after a demo found its way to George Young.

“Never Gonna Die” is the lead single from their self-titled debut. Most people would know em from their international hit “Run To Paradise” a few years later, but the debut album was also popular in Australia.

When the Fridays bring the weekends
The night will be our home again

Loverboy sang, “everybody’s working for the weekend” and that was the case once upon a time. Now, most of us work on weekends.

The smell of beer and coffee

It’s a pub rock song, and all of those places still smell on beer and perfume and coffee and whatever else ends up on the floor these days.

You say we can’t be angels
I say I knew that all along
I don’t need social standing
I’m gonna stay where I belong

Society didn’t know how to classify all these kids into rock music. Misfits, weed smokers, devil worshippers, anti social and immoral.

We didn’t want to be classed or compared or even ranked against others. Our social standing was within our own groups, our own tribes. All we wanted was to get together, listen to music, talk shit and have a few drinks. Sometimes a lot of drinks.

Which always leads to some dumb things like damaging our bodies jumping out of moving cars or damaging someone else’s property or just getting into fisticuffs for no reason whatsoever against someone we just met.

We can’t be angels all the time.

And it’s funny how the people in charge and the ones classifying others became the ones who proved to be immoral, like taking payments from organizations to pass favorable laws for that organization or using their power to get sexual favors or just by having affairs sometimes with people of the same sex even though they are married. Even the Priests who condemned rock music covered up their crimes against innocent kids.

And the police departments proved to be corrupt, working for criminals and taking bribes.

I don’t live for music, no
I say I live for rock ‘n’ roll
We won’t let them push us
We won’t let them touch us

Damn right, we live for rock and roll as not all of the music in the world pushes the same buttons.

I always saw the “them” as the institutions like the various arms of governments, the education system and religious institutions.

And it felt like we were untouchable and that all the laws the governments passed and all the crap that was happening didn’t concern us. But 30 plus years later, things are of concern.

Were Never gonna die

And fight until the end.


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