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Decade Of Teachings


The recording business thrived on getting artists to sells their rights to the labels in a shot at fame. And the label would keep the bulk of the sales/payments. So when sales started to decline and streaming started to rise, the artists who did not sell their rights or got their rights back, started to grin.


You will get paid as long as people keep listening. Or do what Dave Coverdale does with his anniversary editions.


It’s all about word of mouth. What the press promotes, does not crossover to public acceptance anymore.


Artists who can play get an audience on the road once they have some streaming numbers on cities. So they build online and capitalize on the road.


One offs are one offs. They never happen again to the same scale like Radiohead’s pay what you want model or Kickstarter fan funding to the tune of a millions or PSY’s “Gangnam Style” viral video or Guitar Hero consoles.


Promoters book you based on your streaming numbers. And in most cases, artists break on streaming services before radio and music news websites jump on the bandwagon.


Everyone can play the modern game and if you look at peoples EOY lists for favorite releases, there is a lot of variance.

A lot of variation and each fan has an act which they see as superstars.

So the days of an artist crossing over into the conversation on all levels is done. Satisfy your core, who will sustain you.


It’s between the artist and the fan, not the label or the promoter. If the artist doesn’t have that fan relationship, the labels and the promoter make nothing.


Don’t waste time or money trying to get onto a playlist with the hope that you will be discovered. It doesn’t work and to make it work, costs time and money, which nobody wants to pay to fix because streaming services haven’t made any profits yet. And the record labels are just takers.


It hardly exists. Skimming and skipping tracks is the current emperor. But when we do get hooked then we listen forever.


Create because you want to create. Don’t be like the artists who say “it’s not worth it, to write and release new music”.

Don’t put money first.


There isn’t one in music. Just because you spend time creating, it doesn’t mean you will be taken off financially.


Don’t waste too much time each day on promoting yourself there. Keep writing and releasing. 10 percent of your followers/fans on these accounts make up your fan base. The rest are not interested.

And use social media to your advantage.

There is no need to do a press tour and interviews with various websites. All you are doing is driving traffic to them who then use it to sell ads.

Drive traffic to you.


2 thoughts on “Decade Of Teachings

  1. I think Merchandise plays a huge part in revenue as well Pete. Look at Maiden at there shows with the merchandise table it’s crazy. So many options so little cash at there shows!

    • Damn right about merchandise, and it’s come to the forefront even more in reporting different ways bands can monetize, but and for this list (lol)…. it’s been a large part of a band’s revenue since the 80s.

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