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Freewheel Burning

How good is this song?

You know the song, “Baby Please Don’t Go” and the vocal melody that song has, well there is a little riff in “Freewheel Burning”, that reminds me of that vocal melody. A little subconscious recognition, which is perfect.

And those lead breaks from Glenn Tipton have it all.

I am also pretty sure a few members from a band called “Helloween” were listening intently as Judas Priest brought a punk attitude to their blues rock which was speeding up in tempo with each album release.

Fast and furious / Look before you leap has never been the way we keep / Our road is free / Charging to the top / And never give in never stops the way to be

The words that leap off the vinyl, capture the essence of the metal spirit of never giving in and dealing with whatever comes our way.

And it sets the tempo for what the album is, fast and furious all the way.

Rob Halford raps his way through a verse way before rapping became a thing.

And the meaning of the song could be loaded with metaphors. The internet comments on various sites say the song is about Halford taking in code about his sexual orientation. Others say it’s basically about the bands upbringing from the Midlands, which had a healthy car industry and others say it’s just about car racing.

I always saw it as using a high powered car analogy for the metal movement.

One thing that is certain, if you play this song in the car while driving, prepare to get a ticket.


3 thoughts on “Freewheel Burning

  1. Thanks for taking me back to 1984 with this track. It slams your head right against the wall! Such a great album opener that’s for sure. Check out the Deluxe Edition of Defenders which has a full show from 84 on it.

  2. Henrik says:

    I believe it was around spring 1987, warm day, smelt like summer, waiting for my buddies who were at another school and I was listening to the album in my VW 1303S.

    No, it had not have enough horsepowers to get speeding tickets but Freewheel Burning rocked and still rocks. Defenders of the Faith is one of the most essential heavy metal albums. Apart from last 2 tracks it is flawless.

    BTW, Deke mentioned the anniversary edition. Damn, does ‘Desert Plain’ sound particularly good live.

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