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The Self Help Industry

I was listening to a few podcasts on Spotify and they were talking about “how to stop caring about others opinions” and to “figure out what exactly do we want to do with our lives”.

And I’m thinking, seriously, this shit needs a podcast.

Aren’t the lyrics to heavy metal music about the same thing, especially the heavy metal music I grew up with in the 80’s before it morphed into screaming and growling.

But hey, what would us long haired metal heads know. As far as the world was/is concerned, we were just drug taking anarchists who worshiped the devil.

Fast forward 30 plus years later and suddenly we are living in a world created by techies.

Think about it.

The biggest social tool is Facebook and the way people communicate is by sending messages to each other or posting about their great lifestyles or their relationship status. So we communicate the way these techies want us to communicate because they have no social skills.

Seriously, if someone tells you face to face to never contact them again, why would you send them a friend request. But that’s what happens in Facebook.

Hell, the movie “The Social Network” ends with Zuckerberg, all alone in his apartment, sending a friend request to his ex, who told him earlier in the film, she never wants to see or hear from him again.

Get it, he’s alone and hiding behind his blue screen and sending friend requests to a person who would ignore him if he tries to contact her or speak to her, the way we always did up until social media.

And in order to live and operate in the new world, we are told that we need all of these mindset coaches and college grads to write books for the billion dollar self-development industry and make money from what heavy metal and rock lyricists wrote about for a long time.

Like how we need to give more than we take, we need to stand up and shout for our rights, we need to make mistakes to grow, we need to experience things in order to come up with unique ideas.

And I get it.

It’s common scientific knowledge that our brains don’t evolve as quickly as life, society and technology evolves. So our brains are still back in our hunter and gatherers days, when we actually cared about what people thought of us, because it kept us in the tribe and we had a chance of survival within the group.

Because, hey it was very hard for a single human to survive back then. The unfortunate part is that our brains still need that comfort, to know that people think good of us.

But we don’t need the opinions of others to survive these days. So why do we seek them.


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