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The Arc

No artist is immune from the career arc, where you’re hot and then you’re not. Its happened to a lot of artists before in the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, the 00s and even more so in today’s internet world, where an artist can release something great and it can remain ignored in the marketplace.

Remember Motley Crue who sold out arenas in the 80s, then half filled theaters in the 90s and they came back in the early 2000s to sold out arenas again then went away and are now coming back again.

Remember Aerosmith.

A huge band in the 70s, disappeared towards the end of that era and it wasn’t until 1987 that they became relevant again. And that relevance kept on rising until the late 90s and suddenly they weren’t as hot as before.

Remember Iron Maiden. Sold out arenas in the 80s and then weren’t as hot after Bruce left, but took up the momentum again when he returned.

And there are many more who were hot, then not hot and then hot again, but bands normally break up when their career is not as hot as it was in the past like Twisted Sister or Skid Row. Twisted did reform and became hot again, while Skid Row refuse to kiss and make up.

And artists who have those royalties from all those old records can go on the road based on that music.

But some artists are even fucking this up with ticketing bundles and scalping their own tickets.


One thought on “The Arc

  1. Skid Row is a puzzle. They had it, lost it and could have had it back but instead prefer to rotate lead singers and play bowling alleys!
    Bach say what u want is more driven as he gets it and tours and draws well even though its in bars and such.
    Bolan and Sabo for two brilliant songwriters aren’t the smartest of businessman!

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